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About Me

My name is Wendye Savage. I am an author, poet, mental health advocate and women's empowerment leader...My goal is to aid in the healing and transformation of women around the world. I am a firm believer that when you empower a woman. you empower the world around her. Having overcome mental abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness and other stormy obstacles in life, I have been groomed to be a conqueror and advocate for the wellness of women. I am also, a trained representer for The National Alliance on Mental Health, a mother, grandmother and United States Army Veteran.

My Vision

My vision is to help other women transform their thinking and lives by healing and becoming more self-confident.


I would like for my Women's Wellness Guide, entitled, " What's in Your Purse? available on www,amazon.com to be read by women globally


I am a writer and motivational speaker.


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