Every TIme I Ask "Is There Really A God?" he shows up

Posted October 23, 2012 from United States

This is a chapter near the end of my book "Hell IN The Hallways But I'm Beginning To See The Light" but it is short and I hoped it would have some meaning to someone at WP who needs a pick me up or an answer to "Why?"


My book is not a God or Jesus or religious book. I don't know what this life is all about. I know if there is a heaven, I'll be going there because I'm almost through with hell in the hallways and I'm beginning to see the light. I have known since I was a young girl what will happen when I enter the pearly gates.

God will be there to greet me. "I'm proud of you," he'll say smiling, arms outstretched. Then as I understand it, he does a life review whereby you make sense of what you did or didn't do on earth. Ah! Reality time. Atonement! Well, in my inimitable style, I have a list of questions for God too. The first is "WHAT was THAT all about?"

My book has been about my neuroses, thank you. As well as about my overcoming them and achieving success that works for me. It would be presumptuous and arrogant of me to think the steps that helped me achieve success would work the same for anyone else. You are one of a kind, your lessons are unique to you, your suffering, your childhood history, what you have to learn, what you have to give is distinctly you and special for your world to experience, whether it is the world inside of you, in your family or neighborhood, your country or another continent. Find "you" and be "you". That is the best contribution you can make to yourself and others. If you have trained people they can treat you in a certain neurotic way so they achieve their desired result and/or control over you and you want to change that, there will be a lot of earthquakes during the retraining process. DOn't worry about it. Like gas, it will pass. In fact, if you start dissension where you didn't before, that means you are making the healthy choice finally. Keep it coming, baby.!

I am not saying that you should stir up the pot just for the heck of it, walk out the door, or negate people or events from your life without working through and knowing WHY you are doing it. To become callous without a well thought out makes-sense-to-me reason is to become the reverse puppet I eluded to earlier in this book. However, once you revisit and become best friends with your soul, you don't have to think a lot. You become. You do. Because you are. It is beyond the scope of this book to discuss techniques to help in the changng process. But I promise you, that my next book "Keep It Coming Baby" is devoted to that end.

Until then, and always really, please know the following. You will have good days and bad days, make good choices and bad choices, but every day, every choice is a lesson. And here's the "gee whiz" of it all. If you don't take the time to learn the lesson when it comes around now . . . Guess What? Bingo! You got it! Back at ya!

I thought in the meantime, after reading "Hell In The Hallways", you would like to make your OWN list of principles toward your success. Don't worry about how much lower or unaccomplished you are compared to anyone else. Start where you are. It has amazed me at how no matter what a low life I am compared to others who used their time more wisely and effectively, that as I climb one rung of the ladder at a time, and focus on the present with a goal of the top, the universe makes it happen. After you have set the goal don't keep thinking about it. Focus on your rung and be aware when it is time to step up to the next stage. Don't look for the next rung. Just know that when it is time, you will feel it.

Then with twists and turns you will realize at the top of the ladder how unique, special and gifted you really are. What a feeling. The importance is to start where you are and focus on where you are. The next rung will come into view with no work aon your part. You can't rush it and you can't slow it down. Trust yourself and trust the universe. What else can you do anyway, when you think about it? What do you glean from this book that resonates with you, that will help you on your way to greatness. Please know I will not leave you hanging. LIke a fungus you can't get rid of, I'll be back. In the meantime "Keep It Coming Baby".

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Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012

Thanks for the entry. its full of wisdom and many life lessons.

Though you mention from the beginning that the book is not about God and Jesus, but I see them embedded in the article. Am I right?

I also noticed a catalog of advice within the article, One needs to read and re-read in order to grasp lessons and apply them accurately.



Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012

Hi Nitacameroon

I am sitting here in awe because I "get" that you "get" what my article is about. Yes, it is smattered all over with God and Jesus or as I prefer to say spiritual lessons which I had to learn the hard way. My whole book is like this. I went from an almost evil, definitely dysfunctional person to a person so in touch with her soul that I am now making differences throughout the world wherever I am. It takes a wise soulful person to see that this is such a chapter. Or as we say in America, "It takes one to know one".

If you liked this article the following are others from my book/memoirs that are similar in my journal that ended up in Voices Rising somehow:

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In any case, I hope you will write and tell me about your self. I went on our profile but did not get much info.

Thank you for your input and for taking the time to comment. It means a lot.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together)


Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012

The portions from you book which you've shared thus far is loaded, loaded and loaded."Keep it coming Baby". You make me just want to scream "Give me the whole lot Baby"

By admitting that Jesus and God are embedded in the piece is courageous. I say this because spirituality/religious issues are quite sensitive; and very much so, we try very hard not to sound or appear insensitive to other people's beliefs; when we project our individual beliefs.

You are exceptional and your courage and openness endears you even more to my heart.

Keep it coming Baby!

Olanike (BBG)

Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012


You are the real deal. We at WP will change the world. NOTHING frightens us. SO, everyone, keep it coming baby. Bring it on. We are ready, willing and able to handle it. Haha

Love and hugs, BBG


Cali gal Michelle
Jan 09, 2014
Jan 09, 2014

Thanks for sharing this, Wendy. You are a weaver of words, and have so much to share. I'm sorry I just now noticed your post. I like and agree (through hard lessons learned) that it is wise to plan, good to hope, but we have to surrender it in order to keep moving.

Blessings to you-

sridevi k
Mar 08, 2018
Mar 08, 2018

Dear Wendy,
This is an amazing write up, Please keep writing such informative and motivational stuff for the benefit of fellow women. I wish you meet with amazing success in all ur endeavors.
Yours Sincerely