Female Condoms - Breaking the Myth

Oluwatoyin Olabisi
Posted October 11, 2019 from Nigeria
Female Condoms - Breaking the Myth
Women who are have been affected by conflicts are susceptible to all forms of Gender Based Violence which is aggravated by absence of means of livelihood and basic social services.

Women in Internally Displaced Camps are marginalized as they have little or no access to basic social services while also at a high risk of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. In addressing this issue, I visited one of the camps to enlighten the women on the Female Condom. The Women with little or no education were very surprised about the existence of a Female Condom and were very excited to try to use it especially in view of the fact that it could be won at least 6 hours before sex while also offering protection against sexually transmitted infections.Many of them expressed their fears of catching sexually transmitted infections and with the female condoms, they could wear it without their partners suspecting anything. In the midst of my discussion with the women, a group of men were coming towards me, I was very afraid as I thought they were coming to attack me, I then started educating them on Child Spacing and Sexually Transmitted Infections and to my greatest astonishment, they encouraged me to continue the discussion their Women.

Women who  have been affected by conflicts are susceptible to all forms of Gender Based Violence which is aggravated by absence of means of livelihood and basic social services. Absence of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services also means that they are susceptible to unintended pregnancies hence compounding the population growth problem. In addressing these issue, Women in Internally Displaced Camps need to be able to access basic necessities such as Condom while also having a means of livelihood thereby reducing the susceptibilities of her exchanging sex for basic needs.

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Anita Shrestha
Oct 11, 2019
Oct 11, 2019

Thank you for sharing, keep it continue.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Oct 11, 2019
Oct 11, 2019

Hello, Sister Oluwatoyin,

You’re a wonderful woman for educating women about child spacing and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. There are truly many threats for women who are internally displaced due to conflicts. Thank you for visiting their camps to spread awareness.

Thank you for updating us with your important work. I believe this will greatly benefit World Pulse sisters who share the same mission and advocacy. Keep up the great work!

Oct 11, 2019
Oct 11, 2019

Hi Oluwatoyin,

Thank you for expressing your thoughts about Women in Internally Displaced camps are most vulnerable and how you have been educating women about the benefits of using a women condom.

This is a great advocacy that you are doing in your community.

Tarke Edith
Oct 11, 2019
Oct 11, 2019

Hello sister
What a wonderful education you are doing over there in Nigeria.
Educating a woman about sexually transmeted deseses is like giving her a better life.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Oct 12, 2019
Oct 12, 2019

Hi dear,
Thanks for the effort you are putting in place to educate girl on their sexuality. As sad as it may seem a lots of young girls run desperately especially when in need of support only for these men to take advantage of their needs to impregnate them.

We will do our best to educate them to abstain but leave the rest to them. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Ifeyinwa Ezeagu
Oct 13, 2019
Oct 13, 2019

So inspiring Oluwatobi!
There's a lot going on at IDP Camps. Most importantly as you mentioned, they need livelihood support!
You've done so well by reaching out.
If you're in Abuja, you're invited to outreach to WASA IDP settlement tomorrow and next.
We will be delivering livelihood support programs to them.