Dear Woman,Kickstart that DREAM

Oluwatoyin Olabisi
Posted March 4, 2020 from Nigeria
Dear Woman,Kickstart That DREAM
You are Beautiful,No Three Letter Word has to affirm that to you.

Dear Woman,

2020 is beginning with a lot of  'hocus pocus'(My Word) ranging from the Coronavirus to a myriad of other issues I do not want to bore you with.

My message,is look inwards and begin to birth your passion,start doing what you love.Persecution would come but my dear use it as a stepping stone not only that conceptualize it and see how you can solve the problem of others.Remember also that you are beautiful and smart and no three letter word has to affirm that to you.

See you all the top,where we all belong championing local, regional and global policies for the upliftment of the Female Gender.

May I conclude by saying Happy Women,s Day.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 04
Mar 04

Hello Dear Oluwatoyin,

How are you doing, dear? I totally agree! What a great, inspiring post! Thanks for sharing:-)

Happy Women's Day and Month to you!


Anita Shrestha
Mar 05
Mar 05

Dear friend
Happy women day. Do good , be good make happy to all
Be prosperous and happy

Mar 05
Mar 05

Happy women do to all the mothers in the world and thanks for sharing.

Metiege Noel Eve
Mar 05
Mar 05

Thank you sis for sharing and thanks to the motivation to kick start. The 21st century woman cannot lay back and watch the world move on she has to participate and will things to her favour.

Hello, Oluwatoyin,

Happy Women’s Month! This resonates with me,
“My message,is look inwards and begin to birth your passion,start doing what you love.”

I read somewhere that our future is not ahead of us; our future is within us.

Thank you for inspiring us!

Apr 07
Apr 07

quite encouraging, thank you