CEDAW & Indigenous Women's Organizing in Action!

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Posted November 17, 2020 from Canada

CEDAW & Indigenous Women's Organizing in Action!

Congratulations to our partners from Colectiva Ixpop and members of the former Indigenous Women’s Alliance for CEDAW in Guatemala: thanks to the seeds you planted for a General Recommendation on Indigenous Women, today we are one step closer!

Since at least 2013, our allies in Guatemala have been organizing: first to lobby the CEDAW Committee to take on the drafting of a General Recommendation on the rights of Indigenous Women, and then to build a movement to share knowledge and build capacity amongst Indigenous women to contribute to this process. Colectiva Ixpop, along with other Indigenous women in Guatemala, recognized CEDAW's importance for Indigenous Women's rights; their energy and activism to put the GenRec firmly on CEDAW's agenda has been instrumental in bringing it one big step closer to reality.  

Having adopted GR38 at the last session (Nov 2020), the CEDAW Committee will now turn itself to the process of developing a General Recommendation on the rights of Indigenous Women. 

At this juncture, we wish in particular to congratulate our partners at Colectiva Ixpop, who had this vision, nurtured it, shared it with so many, and who travelled to Geneva to raise their voices and those of their communities directly to CEDAW.  Now, the process itself represents an opportunity for Indigenous Women around the world to make their voices heard and to articulate clearly how the individual and collective rights of Indigenous Women are at the heart of CEDAW. 

Find out more about this initiative, and keep an eye as we add updates as the process unfolds: http://learnwhr.org/cedawgrindigena/ 

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Jill Langhus
Nov 18
Nov 18

Hello Angela,

Congrats on your first post! Thanks for sharing your initiative. Is the WHR Institute your organization? I'm looking forward to hearing more about the progress of this important initiative, and also more about you and what you're passionate about, too.

Hello, Angela,

Thank you for sharing this win as your first post. Congratulations to you and your partners on this milestone. I love the photo collage of women. Cheers to upholding the voices and rights of Indigenous Women!

Laetitia Shindano
Nov 19
Nov 19

Chère Angela
merci de nous partager le fruit de votre lutte qui va aboutir à la prise en compte des droits des femmes autochtones.
D'ores-et-déjà ,nous allons diffuser l'information dans ma communauté qui est composée d'un peuple autochtone.

Nov 30
Nov 30

Hi Angela,

Thank you for enlightening us about CEDAW and the work you do. I applaud you for raising your voice about issues such as these and pray that CEDAW would not just lip serve, but actually act such that the public can feel the effect on the society as a plan that actually works! We must continue to raise our voices like you have just done by sharing your first post on World Pulse. Together, we can!

I join my lovely World Pulse sisters to say congratulations and a warm welcome to the sisterhood! 'Nice to have you join us.

Keep writing and shining.

E. J.