Encouragers Speak up, Intimately Revealing, Joyously Reporting

Kat Haber
Posted April 30, 2021 from United States
Welcome!: How do we encourage each other? (1/4)

Hey there World Pulsers!

As Ambassadors gathered today (an hour early) with no agenda wondering what we were all up to during this pandemic year. Three of us have or are starting companies. We share the great news, the grim news, and the grateful news with you. 

I reported that I was mentoring Climate Reality Leaders, students from Colorado University Boulder, Stanford, Denver University.  By the end of 2025 there will be 100,000 Climate Reality Leaders advocating for humans to take good care of Earth and all our relations. I shared my new company hosting a 3 day climate activation. You are all invited to take informed action on climate. https://www.trustclimateactionstrategists.com/

Josette Blackburn reports that human trafficking happens for garment workers, cocoa production people from Malawi are taken to Ivory Coast> no child exploitation for fair trade chocolate, children digging rare earth minerals, She is starting her own textile design company. You can find her joyful designs here. joblackburndesigns.com https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/jomariebearth/posts/99414  She shares this about ENCOURAGERS: https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/jomariebearth/posts/99406

Sabeena offered her  website: https://www.thelittlefairtradeshop.com/ "So I celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight 202." https://www.thelittlefairtradeshop.com/blogs/news/fairtrade-fortnight-20... and Six Items Challenge with Labour Behind The Label. https://www.thelittlefairtradeshop.com/blogs/news/six-items-challenge-20...

Jessica Robinson reported "I have to go unfortunately...but the presentation was amazing! thank you and wonderful to learn about the garment industry. thank you for your work in the world!" All we were doing was filling the time with what we each were up to. Before she left, a friendly..."Hi Tam! Bye all ❤️❤️❤️ Kat, nice to see you again!"

Rika from Cameroon reported she was attacked, survived and safe now. 50 men wanted to rape her, but she was having her period and they fled. Divine intervention? Possibility for peace in Cameroon needs a cease fire so the military will drop their weapons, not just separatists and government for freedom.At first it was declared as a Afriphone minority revolution. Now there is kidnapping for ransom, thieves, burning homes, orphans. CEASE FIRE is needed to stop killing civilians. This ramped up in 2016. Northwest and Southwest region of Cameroon. Also, Boka Horam bringing women and girls coming into safety. Rika reports, the military is using killing as a form of correction, setup by enemies, dangerous, ”Life can not be refunded.” - Rika Young energetic men are at risk of being killed by military for fear of being separatists. Her cousin was captured, perhaps killed. World Pulse group focused on peace:

Manasa Ram Raj shared this World Pulse story: https://www.worldpulse.com/raise-your-voice/peace-for-cameroon - here are all the world pulse leaders fighting for peace in Cameroon and sharing their stories on world pulse. Manasa said,  "Hello everyone, we are just catching up with each other and Rika is sharing her experience in Cameroon. Thank you for joining in, we will begin shortly. You are welcome to share on chat as well."

We add words to your safety, Rika: Strength, Love, Protection, Divine Intervention.

Dawn Arteaga wrote, "This feels like one of the most important Encourager Parties we’ve had yet, given the level of pain in the world. We are here to hold each other’s hands, lift up the powerful storytellers and be that supportive shoulder for one another. Together we are stronger."

Regina passionately told her encouraging story. She finished singing..."Once my world was shattered. Once I felt it was the end...Thank you World Pulse Sisters, Once I thought my world had crumbled. Once I thought it was the end. Once I was broken, but now I am strong!"

We encouraged stories written, video'd, recorded. Then we shared in small groups. Tam sang us out. A delight it was to encourage Women Rising in World Pulse. 

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Dawn Arteaga
Apr 30
Apr 30

Wow —- when World Pulse women gather each minute is powerful. I am amazed with all that you all accomplished in the time BEFORE the official meeting began! Thanks so much for sharing this Kat! So great to see you.

Kat Haber
Apr 30
Apr 30

Our encouraging delight.

Honorine Ngenwi
May 01
May 01

Waoh what a great and marvelous one. I can see somany of the world pulse family members gathered together to make sure this family move on.
Thanks to all those who are making lots of sacrifices to see that there is love, unity and most of all togetherness in this family.
More grace to your elbows.
Love you Kat for share this to all your sisters.

May 03
May 03

Awesome: This is indeed the spirit of World Pulse. Always encouraging. Always inspiring.
I am very proud of all of you World Pulse sisters.

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