ending violence in the Indian home

Posted July 29, 2013 from United States

Dear sisters,

While praying this morning I got a thought about violence toward women. This occurs everywhere and is usually done by men, but it is called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. In Western Countries it is a crime, punishable by prison time. In other words, Western culture does not see this as acceptable. Because of the anger that causes this violence, many shelters have been created to house women and children from an abusive spouse.

I'm wondering what it would take to make wife or children beating a crime in India and what it would take to motivate the police and judges to punish men for doing it. Does this seem possible? If we could stop domestic violence, boys growing up would not see it and would not grow up thinking it was OK. Thoughts?

blessings sisters, William

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Upasana Chauhan
Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013

Thats a luvly thot while u start a day william. Before police n laws come into effect its more important that women themselves realise that they dont deserve 2 b hit. In most cases, whenever a woman is hurt she is told by everyone that she deserves it. Therefore they never reach out to the police or any lawful authority. There is a major awareness issue in women. As I mailed u about Tara Ahluwalia, she is doing her best towards this. Under a INDP programme she trained thousands of women about this awareness for 12 yrs. Now the programme is over and now she is funding the similar programme + a shelter jome for them by her own funds and home.