ending sexual abuse

Posted August 3, 2014 from United States

Sisters, It feels like there is activity going on about ways to stop sexual abuse. I think the ideas collected by IDEO.org in their campaign that has just ended, should be read and considered by all. They received over 500 ideas and there is a list of over 50 that made the semi-final cut. By going to their website you can read about the 50 ideas to see if any of them might work in India or your area. Our World Pulse sister Beatrice Nas made it to the final 15 level. Please read of the ideas and post your thoughts here at India Café.

We have started a group, which is communicating ideas via email, so if you wish to join this group, contact William Cleek at [email protected] and your name will be added.

There is hope, love, William

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