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About Me

I aspire to work in a position that can make a difference. I would like to use my skills and abilities to help to resolve conflicts peacefully and to create violence-free and economically viable environments that can help foster sustainable development. I am experienced at promoting entrepreneurial training and development in rural areas, and have worked to improve the business environment. I believe in experiential learning and understanding multiple perspectives on ways to bring about conflict transformation and peace-building.

My wife and I have spent 20 of the last 25 years abroad, enjoying meeting people and travel. We have lived for periods of more than a year in Bulgaria, Mozambique, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Helping Americans to understand, and how to get involved in the world around us. Continuing to add to the growing body of knowledge and research on gap areas in the Emergency Assistance to Long-Term Development Continuum 1) Entrepreneurship, 2) Working as part of an Emergency Team in both natural and man-made disasters.

My Vision

I have a Dream that modern technology and social networking to help to unite the world, especially with citizen diplomats at the grassroots levels helping the most vulnerable to help themselves!



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