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About Me

I am a married 31 years old, living in South Africa Durban. Our country is faced with a lot of challenges ranging from poverty, abuse, illiteracy etc. All these issues make my heart bleed. I started a non-profit organisation which helps child headed homes resulting from Hiv/Aids with basic neccessities. We also are involved in breaking the silence on girl and women issues eg, rape, sex slavery, human trafficking, forced prostitution etc. I have personally realised that there is so much evil going on in this world that most people have no knowledge of. We have just started awareness campaigns in small groups because of finances but I would personally love to take awareness to schools around my country so that our youth can be able to identify these girl and women issues and report on them. and also so they can be able to protect themselves from these monsters. God, to see oppressed people gain freedom, liberty, ability Funding is my biggest challenge Counselling, Management

My Vision

to see my goal of losing the chains of poverty and oppression reach whole country and beyond