Women and Power Retreat: Leading From the Inside Out (Scholarships Available!)

Womens Institute
Posted March 30, 2011 from United States

For nine years Omega's Women & Power conferences have inspired thousands of participants, empowering them to make a difference at home, work, and in the world. After each conference, the most common request we receive is to follow up with more skill-building workshops, as well as retreats that offer time for inner reflection, healing, and self-development.

We are responding to this request by piloting a new cycle of programs. We will now hold the Women & Power conference every other year. The conference will continue to introduce our participants to some of the most inspiring leaders and change-agents from around the world. On the year between the conferences, we will offer a retreat-style program that focuses on helping women lead from their core values and voice, and teaches skills to create more authenticity and balance at work and home.

Leading From the Inside Out is our first retreat-style program. It is designed to help us slow down, go within, and retrieve our unique voice and strengths. It also teaches skills for expressing our authenticity in our daily lives.

Together we explore these important questions: How do we identify our core values? How do we learn to trust our most authentic voice? And how do we put our wisdom to work in the world? In talks and experiential sessions, we learn to:

* Become still and listen to our internal voice * Uncover, energize, and activate our dreams and vision * Disentangle the ego from power so that we lead from inner strength * Affirm the voice of our emotional intelligence in all our roles * Redefine power and leadership so we can all live in a saner, safer, and smarter world

We are offering scholarships to attend a Women and Power Retreat: Leading From the Inside Out. Please visit the website here http://www.eomega.org/omega/wp-retreat/ for more details.

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Sarvina Kang
Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful opportunity to us on Pulsewire! It is an interesting event that we should learn from you. Wish you all the best!