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Posted June 20, 2011 from South Africa

The Take Back the Tech! campaign has become an annual activity for Women’sNet and its partners. It is a global campaign that raises awareness on the link between ICTs and violence against women. In 2010, partner organisations and individuals joined Women’sNet to “Occupy Streets to Reclaim ICTs”.

In order to do this, Women'sNet staged an outdoor internet café on Mirriam Makeba street in Johannesburg South Africa. Participants brought their laptops, mobile phones and cameras so that they could blog, send text messages and take pictures in support of the 16 Days of activism to end violence against women - during which they created and published content online.

Over 50 people joined Women'sNet as we took to the streets to distribute stickers, armbands and t-shirts bearing messages about ICTs and violence against women and girls. The main message of the day was

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