Posted December 9, 2016 from United States

Can we form a friendship with a foe?

Can we step deeper into this mire

of muddy land we share

even after we pushed natives aside

to colonize a fresh and foreign land?

Can we acknowledge those we enslaved

to do our work, those with darkest skin

from far off Africa? Can we dare

to find the light between us,

is there a way to erase the injury,

damage we deal to others

unlike ourselves? Can we confess,

bringing to the surface our gravest crimes?

Can we hone a strong alliance,

blending our breaths into one, creating

a new humanity for each other?

2016 poem by Marilyn Peretti

This story was submitted in response to What Will It Take to Heal?.

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djamila ibrahim olame
Apr 07, 2017
Apr 07, 2017

Hello worldcare, thank you very much for this beautiful poem.

There is way to form friendship with the enemy and there is way to efacer our wounds, thank you very much

Apr 07, 2017
Apr 07, 2017

Hi Djamilah, I'm so happy you found my poem! Yes, I like putting words on paper to express my thoughts. I'm happy that you like it. We all need to work to be friends around the world. Djamilah, have a wonderful day!