Posted January 6, 2020 from Nigeria

My Nomination for the spirit award is Olanike Olugboji ( Green Girl).

Olanike is an Environmentalist with passion  for protection of the environment,  the Ecosystem, women's rights,  empowerment of  women and youths.  Through her non- governmental organisation, she promotes the use of home made cooking charcoal stoves that emits very little or no smoke at all. Tree planting programs especially in primary and secondary schools, all self sponsored by her.Her work extends to  the villages and hamlets where women are given a sense of recognition through group activities.  A good listener per excellence, she encourages women and youths to improve themselves through empowerment and self development programs.  My personal encounter with this formidable lady, has helped me tremendously.  Though I  was a company executive for about 23yrs, I became discouraged because my  business of Diagnostic Services was not yielding profit. I closed down the company.  I failed to realise I was running a business without Vision, but blaming others for my failure. Now four years have passed since I stopped not knowing my focus. Happily enough I had opportunity to attend one of her numerous Empowerment programmes towards the end of 2019, where I had a complete turnaround in my perceptions and the innate power in me to achieve greater heights. Though above 62 yes of age, I am resolved to start anew with greater determination and clear vision of what I want to achieve. A lot of people share their testimonies on how  her empowerment programmes have impacted on their lives. She also shared with us the power of togetherness of the World Pulse spirit and introduced us to this great community.  Her vast knowledge in the use of information technology is amazing. She serves as a resource person in National and international seminars especially on women, youth and the environment.  She is the initiator and chief executive officer of Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment ( WISE). She lives in  Kaduna  which is in the Northern part of  Nigeria . She is a World Pulse  community member

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Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Jan 07, 2020
Jan 07, 2020

Hello, WPhil,

Welcome to World Pulse! Congratulations on writing your first post!

Thanks for participating in the Spirit Awards and for nominating our Green Girl!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Jan 08, 2020
Jan 08, 2020

Hello Wphil,
Welcome to world pulse and thank you for your first post on this great platform. I wish our dearest sister all the best in the spirit awards.
Have a blessed and prosperous 2020.

Anita Shrestha
Jan 08, 2020
Jan 08, 2020

wow dear

Jill Langhus
Jan 08, 2020
Jan 08, 2020

Hi Wphil,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) What a great, first post! Yay you! Thanks so much for highlighting Olanike's amazing work and for nominating her. I'm sure she'll be thrilled:-)

Please let us know what category you would like to nominate her for. There are three: Ambassador, Encourager and Sisterhood?

Looking forward to seeing more stories from you and learning more about what you're passionate about.

Jan 09, 2020
Jan 09, 2020

Welcome to world pulse dear :-). And thanks for Nomination. My best wishes to her

Hope you are having a good day.