The Pros and Cons of Make UPS

Posted January 10, 2021

Make Ups are good. It brings out the beauty in most ladies if everything is applied very well and accurately. It also makes others feel confident.  On the other hand it can be used to cover up wrinkles on our faces hence making others look young as they will prefer. I am not that a fun of Make ups though. If I have my way I could do so without it completely but that is not possible because sometimes I woke up with a weird face and whatever I do if a moderate make up is not applied I will be lost haha.

I started real make ups somewhere in 2018 when mine younger sister got an opportunity to be a Bride's maid for a wedding of her friend. Of course I was also invited and as a package for my younger sister she got a makeup package form her friend. 

Well, all was set and we got to get ready for a wedding. My sister had to sleep at her friends so as to avoid late coming. I am not that fun of attending weddings but I decided to attend to check on my sister as to her dancing moves and how she gets to carry herself along and so on.

I did mine own makeup and since I am not in so much fun of, it was in moderation. I always hated it when makeups are on the extremes. I have seen few in extremes and I nearly went crazy for them as if I was the one carrying it on my face.

Being very much aware of Africans Weddings, Its delays with dramatics scenes I decided to arrived  late but on time. Meaning I will arrive exactly when it about to start. I wouldn’t like to waste my precious time waiting at a wedding when I could get a lots of things done in the house before.

I  arrived exactly when the Bride was just coming out. And ooh what a shocked, What I did not want to see was just what was before me.  It was a VERY EXTREME,  MAKEUP OOPS.  It looks like I was not the only person who notices it. People where whispering among themselves which I am sure it has to do with the Makeup. Nothing could be done about it at this point though, it was very absolutely too late. This was not the time to redo things. In the first place it will be time consuming. Invited guest have already wasted enough time, and procedures must continue as it was.

What an embarrassment it also was for the Groom when he joined his Bride. The expression was obvious on his face. The feeling for me was oh, why should one be embarrassed on her wedding day? Days that are supposed to bring you happiness. Well, low and below all came to a  successful end but with the fact that guest got more whispering and gossiping to do after closure.

I was surely not left out. I arrived home and keenly waiting for my younger sister to return home so I could find out from her, who was behind those extreme makeups. The Bride or the Makeup Artist.

Mine take home was its the fault of the make up artist. Some are good at their work whilst aren't. 

Who on Earth could have recommended such a make up artist? Well we can all guess.

Dear Ladies I share with you that make ups are good however let do  it in moderation. You are already a very beautiful lady. You have been created with all the beauty in this world.  You are intelligent, smart, and Beautiful. Be very confident of yourself.  In fact beauty is much more related to our inner selves than our physical appearance. A man who insists you wear extreme makeups before he love you is deceiving you. Tell that man you are beautiful and with him or without him you will find your love.


Love yourself first and this will be seen in your physical body.

Happy Sunday to Us and Lets stay Safe.

Covid 19 is in Town Remember




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Jan 10
Jan 10

Dear sister Wusufor,
Thanks for sharing with us on world Pulse and I like the fact that you talked about self love. Indeed, for anyone to be appreciated by others or anyone else, one must treat herself with kindness, politeness and confidence.
Lots of love!

Jan 12
Jan 12

Eseza, thanks for your input. All that you said is very true. You love yourself then you can feel love when it arrives.

Nini Mappo
Jan 10
Jan 10

Ha ha ha Wusufor this is hilarious! At least to me any ways. If you want to know how to put on make up so that no one will recognize you I recommend attending an Indonesia wedding. Our Bataknese sisters are make-up professionals!
I do like your point on moderation for purposes of enhancing beauty, not a band aid for low self confidence or anything like that.
I just don't wear make-up because I have to wash it off later, plus it feels like I have an extra layer of skin. Same reason I don't wear nail polish. But admittedly, I have a friend who is a professional beautician and so very good with applying make up.

Applying make-up is an art to be perfected and if it isn't, like any art, it looks really bad. I feel sorry for that bride. She probably asked an amateur beautician to do her make up and became the joke of her own wedding.

It is quite sad to be laughed at at your own wedding, feel helpless and self-conscious on what is meant to be the happiest day of your life. What a memory of one's own wedding day. Perhaps a make-up rehearsal would have helped. But, oh well:/

Jan 12
Jan 12

Oh yeah haha, I think your people are crafted at it. Is it only during programs and events or everyday activities?

I agree it's a skill and must be mastered up before trying to disfigured someone face.

Oh really, the nail polish why not? It's the simplify Make up

Hello, Lisbeth,

The cosmetics industry is a huge one and they are great at convincing women (and men) what beauty looks like. They make women feel insecure so they are effective in selling make-ups.

On the bride's make-up on her wedding day, I wonder why her bride's maids or friends or mother weren't able to inform her about it just to save her from embarrassment or being a laughing stock. I feel sorry for the bride. It's the most important day of her life.

My circle of friends make fun of me because I didn't know how to put lipstick on, all the more put on some make-up in our younger years. I've got to learn a little, though, because there important events that we need to look presentable and professional. For major events like weddings, I can't trust myself, I would ask someone to do the make-up for me. haha.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Jan 13
Jan 13

Karen, I agree with you. And laterly a lot are joining the industry. I think this has to do with the money they are making.

At our end here wedding make up kits are expensive and the application even much more.

My sister said the fault was actually from the bride. She kept directing and dictating to the make up artist.

It's a shame her beauty ended up exaggerated.
Thanks for your encouragement