The Strength of a WOMAN

Posted January 11, 2021

That faithful day was the local market day for the villages. She herself has been a trader since her young age. She is a retailer of local cereals at her town. Market days are always on the third days in the week. According to her as a retailer, she uses the other two days to visit the nearby village towns to purchase the cereal and then on the third day(Market days) she will retail it in the big market.  Her interest is not that much but she could make a living out of it.

She is a mother of an only son who is now married with kids. Her son has severally asked her to stay home whilst he and the family takes care of her (the Mother). However, she declines his son offer.  She thinks the market makes her happy. Staying home will be full of boredom she exclaimed.

As she was returning from Market this day, she was met by an entourage from the village chief palace. She was summoned to appear before the chief and its elders. She exclaimed she will prefer to go home to leave her bag and unsold goods  before she can attend to the chief call. This offer was declined by the guards and insisted she comes straight with them to the palace without delay.

As she obeyed the instruction to go to the chief palace, one thing she could not get hold of was that she will never had her freedom henceforth. What  a dilemma to behold. Upon arrival at the chief palace and after deliberation. She was told her reasons of summoned was that she was being accused as a witch by her step son. One of her husband son. Reasons being given that she was seen in a dream of that person several and hence since the boy is now unhealthy and sick, its only her who has bewitched him. What…? Do I hear you right, oh my God.

At this point all she could wish was for God to speak from heaven but that can never happen. So she was judge by these false, barbaric wicked men as a witch. The elders will have to detain her to avoid her from escaping so as to perform other traditional rites to vindicate their verdict. The most outstanding rite is to slaughter a male cock and displace it in front of the accused witch. Upon struggle to death if the cock lay on it back it means the accused person is guilty of the crime, however if the cock lay on its stomach its false.

There proceeded and unfortunately the cock lay on it back.  What a calamity this was for the accused.  It means she will be ex communicated from her family, friends, community to a faraway place call Witches Camp. What disgust me more was how filth the Camps are. I have an opportunity to visit one of the camp in Gambaga and oh mine nobody will love to send her mother to such a palace.  They are over hundred inmates alleged witches staying there.


I have kept writing and petitioning on platform and so on but change is never possible. Recently, just last year 2020 a 91 year old woman was beaten by her fellow women to death in the name of  a Witchcraft. Her video trended far and wide into the international media and so on. However, ask me what was the outcome? Could this not have brought an absolute end to the various camps in the country. Oh no no. Her assaults were only imprisoned for two years each. Two years will come now and they will be out to do their very worst in society

It was few months to election last year ,I think October there about that we heard on the medias that the government is taken the case up and that all camps will be close as in forever, oh How this news brought joy to us. Little did we know politicians are using the situation to campaign for their votes come December 2020.  What an unjust world we lived in, the disadvantage in society becomes the joy for the high in society. Tears fill my eyes for the poor, the voiceless, the marginalized and the disadvantage in society. When will they have a voice of their own?


Her Power, Our Power. Women Lets rise against such indigenous barbaric acts. I know it only when women lead that we have Peace, that we have justice, and only then will we have Democracy WITH FREEDOM OF SPEAK.





This story was submitted in response to Her Power. Our Power..

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Nini Mappo
Jan 11
Jan 11

Wusufor, this is infuriating! That is all I can say. I had no idea about such things as witches camps. Or that anyone can be accused of it without evidence just because someone had a dream.

The only way to effect change as you say, is to change this culture of superstition. It might start with the government repealing the powers of those traditional trials /'courts'. If they didn't have power they couldn't excommunicate women and if they tried, the government would protect the victims.
I feel for all senior mothers and grandmothers languishing in those camps when they are meant to spend their final years enjoying their family. Thank you for bringing this to the foreground.

Jan 13
Jan 13

My dear, I felt your anguish. It's same here, my blood boils every time I hear another woman is accused of witchcraft. My point is what about the men too, can't they be wizards too?

They only accused women, and these are successful elderly women? Yeah?

How I wish I had student law to fight for these innocent women all times.
Exactly, the government and the women ministry must take this case up. Create bylaws to deal with perpetrators.

Not small languishing at all.
Thanks for your concern.

Hello, Lisbeth,

What is the about on your I remember we signed the petition when you asked us to. This cultural practice needs to end. Thank you for lifting this story.

Jan 13
Jan 13

Karen ask again. Unfortunately the petition was recognized by one NGO call Action Aid Ghana. And as part of their annual activities that year they blotted the news and was all over.
To the point that they were able to close one or two camps. Great work, but when ministry of women and gender and children took the matter up recently this year nothing has come out yet.
I am only hoping that they have not given up already.
Honestly, we are not in stone age and all these MUST STOP


Thank you for sharing. This is tragedy. I hardly image this can happen in the modern days now. The government should ensure everyone be properly educated and have an effective Legal system to avoid this happens again.
Take care and Stay Safe! May Almighty God bless you all!