Sustainable Post Covid 19! How Widows survive.

Posted May 11, 2021

Covid19 will definitely been one of the major pandemic of decades. It will be remembered forever during the 21st century and beyond. 

Like a tornado it came ravaging, even the weather forecasters couldn't see the direction it was heading. Initially, thought as a China epidemic and by the time we will say "Jack" it's already achieved it mission.

Ravaging and distroying precious and innocent souls. It does not dicriminate. it took a lots of souls among which are Widows. May the souls of all distroy by Covid 19 REST well. May those still battling it be healed. 

​​​​​​Discreetly, it collapse big and small companies, institutions, organizations. Enterprises were not left out. Our economy has suffered along with poor souls.

​​​​​​The other day on my news channel I heard from Europe specifically in Spain, natives jubilating it reduced record. We say hallelujah to that. It's every souls wish it remains so. 

​​​​​​Great news it's subsiding; however the point is how will individuals get back on their souls? Have we learnt enough to put measures in place to prevent another three or four years pandemic to come?​​​​​​How will the economy bounce back? Do we have post pandemic plans in place?

Post Pandemic Plans

1. Technology

When this Korona virus hits us had it not been technology I don't know how we will have managed it all. Suddenly, Technology Giants like Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, YouTube, SNAP Chat live etc came into the picture and connected offices, families and friends together once again. It was then that I realized that Stone age was a "HELL" in disguised. There was no flights, Trains, Buses, even bicycles were not there. Not to even talk about Technology! Come on let's praise and honor our ancestors for living such a life. There Endured!

2. Economy Reboost

It will not be that easy for an economic development again after Covid 19, however efforts must be put in place. 

How can developing countries move forward in their economy. There will for sure need loans and grants from the other developed countries. This is the only way we can all be of Support to one another. Like when the Covid hit the world became unify in mind. Masking up, cancelled flights, Covid 19 testing before travel and so on. For post Covid 19 economy Reboost we as well have a unifying like minds.

3. Science and Medicine

I have facts that Covid 19 pandemic took science and medicine by surprise. There were totally clueless as to it arrival and how to maintain it. This must never be the case always else the human race will be hit with another pandemic worst in three or four decades to arrived. I think by now science might have learnt it lesson. And it's thinking of future measures to be put in place. From a lay man points of view, I think all likely similar pandemic tests could be put in place. To arrive at that, science must asked itself questions very important. They know what questions they have to ask themselves. Please do that and come out with a similar but different vaccine each decade in the laboratory. If within the four decades a similar pandemic hit, you also already got four already similar tested vaccine to try. At least from out of four tested vaccine one must match that pandemic.

Widows Pledge During and Now 

At mine local setting, the pandemic really hit us hard. As I speak I myself am homeless. My organization was ravaged and no funds to support my four Teen mother's. In addition, I took Support for two widows. These widows I feed and cloth them.

It's was not easy for us. The little we get we share among us. I remember one widow told me

"Mine daughter please don't stress yourself over us, our children themselves are Not WHY you?" This statement got to me that I wanted to do more for them  I push and push until I couldn't pay for my rent. I moved out and join a friend who was willing to accommodate me. To that request I have place a fundraiser to that effect.

This is the link to that fundraiser.

Now will continue with my point. What I want to say is how will these ones survive post Covid and future similar pandemics?

I have a big vision for such ones. It's not everything we must wait for government to do for us all the time. We all can help the government fix things little by little.

I have a plan to house two widows in my new apartment when my fundraiser target meant it goals for the coming two years. After, these years and if we find funders we might extend it to extra few widows then gradually we go.

The big plan is to have an elderly home for ten widows within this two years to come. I know it' will not be easy, however a journey of a thousand miles beging with a step. 

I will need one plot of land, and to put up ten rooms and furnished it. There will have a Dinner, play ground or sitting area and we are good to go. 

As times moves on, these houses will be built in most regions of Ghana to take away the plight of such ones.

It's a big project but we shall get there one-day. All we need are trusted and committed donors, granters etc. We need supposser.

Covid 19 has really opened our eyes to major future pandemic yet to arrive. Let's all take advantage of this.

Meanwhile let's all stay safe.

Thank you for reading and  support.


This story was submitted in response to #ShoutYourVision.

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May 11
May 11

Covid-19 is a horrible demon.
WELLDONE my sister for your good work.

Your dreams were my dream and I was able to surpass many of these dreams.... so please dream bigger you will succeed. Amen.

May 12
May 12

Sis. Olu,
Thank you very much for your comment. It's help me not to loss hope.

I am sure as my coach we shall get there. Am interested in your dream. Do you currently have an elderly home? Wow, great support for the poor community.
Stay safe

May 11
May 11

Thank you for sharing. Your work is very meaning and inspiring. Many people died in pandemic especially in India now. A lot of people need our help.
On the other hand, you are right that it needs to plan how to recover post pandemic e.g. How to resume the economy? How people resume to normal life?
Please keep the great work on! May Almighty God bless all of you!

May 12
May 12

Dear Rebecca,
My heart goes out for India. So sad, hope you are staying safe.
Thank you for your upbuilding comment, yes I will surely keep it up.
Stay safe

Beth Lacey
May 12
May 12

Olutosin offers very wise advice. You have a noble vision

May 13
May 13

Thank you dear sister. I will surely do that.
Stay safe

Nini Mappo
May 18
May 18

You have such a kind and caring heart, and a resilience that pushes against personal challenges to see others looked after. You are a beautiful soul, and I pray that the God who put these dreams in your heart will resource them exceedingly, abundantly, so much more than you can think of or imagine. Well done!

May 18
May 18

Hi dear,
Thank you very much for your kind words. Kindness and empathy is part of humanity and I am just glad I could help others.

It's unfortunate that as I intend to do good, the challenges Dawn on me so heavily. I see it as a stage of life experiences and definitely will learnt my lessons from it.

All things work out for the goodness of us. And in all things we must give praise, for what has or is befalling us is not new.

Others have already delt with such and have succeeded. So may God help us overcome ours as well.

In sisterhoood

May 23
May 23

My dear Wusufor,
Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us, and for the compassion that you have shown for the needy women in your community.
Every big achievement begins with a dream. I sincerely believe that where there is a will, there is a way.
I am sure that there people reading your post and already trying to do something to help you realize your dream.
I encourage you to keep on seeking and eventually, you will find. All the best to you.