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Increase Peace Journalism in Media With Me

What I'm Leading

Peace Correspondent is a pioneer media in that so called “Peace Journalism”. I founded this website 9 years ago because I realized that media contents showing us always a “complain of the global violence” was only creating more violence and fear emotions, while what the world needs now, if we really want to achieve peace, is to increase our empathy for other’s situation. Thus, in 2009, I decided to quit my journalistic career in mainstream media in order to create a very different option: a website where peaceful efforts from all around the world were highlighted and better known. Media contents define our perception of reality, that is why we need to empower a peaceful narrative. At Peace Correspondent we tell the darkness of the world from its luminous side.

Who I'm Impacting

At Peace Correspondent we have readers from 70 countries.

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About Me

I have been working as journalist during the last 15 years. I used to work with CNN, NBC and Telemundo as a writer, producer and Chief Correspondents in Mexico. In 2003 I quit TV bussines, I moved to Europe, and started my real passion: to write investigative articles about social issues. In Barcelona, Spain I've studied Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolutions: I found my inner goal, not only professional but personal as well: to write that that we call "Peace Journalism". I returned to Mexico in 2007 and I worked again in a spanish CNN website during 2 years, but now, I am about to launch my dream and my passion: Peace Correspondent, a new digital media which entire content will be dedicated to this new perspective of our world problems To write, to dance, to travel, knowin new places, new cultures, differents views, and new people To launch my website and to grow up with it and with people around this project Peace Journalism, TV Production, Visual language, Literary Journalism, International Issues

My Vision

A solidar world, an ethic economy, a new human being who understand that differences are our strenght, not our weakness, a HUGE network sharing experiences to grow up and solve our conflicts