I present you two fantastic woman that I would like to interview

Cristina Zesatti
Posted June 19, 2009 from Mexico
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I apologize with all of you for the delay in this duty … I have been busy (crazy in fact) those past weeks… but I have been missing you and missing my own time to write and read and answering you properly. I have been thinking so much about the woman that I want to interview for the next assignment, and finally I choose two, here you have my proposals:

1) Eufrosina Cruz.- She is an indigenous woman born in Oaxaca (southern Mexico) and she jumped to the international news when she become the first woman elected to be the Mayor of her town, however, the “popular –and male chauvinism- laws” denied her political rights for that election by nullifying the votes, and arguing “she was not a citizen, as far she was a woman”. Eufrosina continued her fight and now she founded an organization to empower indigenous women and to transform those “popular laws” that despite the national rights, they still practicing discrimination not only in politics but in all senses in the indigenous women life.

2) Martha Lamas.- She is one of the most famous feminists in Mexico. She have been involved in every movement dedicated to empower women in this country since she was 16 (now she is 62). Her life fight is all about “female freedom and capacity to take decisions”: since abortion laws to human rights and economical independences of women. She is founder of many organizations, all of them focused in social and political transformations to beneficiate women.

I also thought in interview Lidia Cacho, a brave Mexican journalist who has been fighting against child prostitution and political corruption here in my country, however, as far I know, she will be one of the future columnist of Pulse Wire next month, so it seems that the crew of this fantastic site won me the place to hear Lidia’s experiences

I will be waiting for your comments brave girls !! Thanks a lot for your patience with me!!

Love. Xthina " )

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Jun 19, 2009
Jun 19, 2009

Xthina, I know you have been very busy and so was happy when I saw your post in Voices Rising. These all sound like very interesting women to interview, each coming to the world of women's rights from quite different paths. I was immediately intrigued by Ms. Cruz' story as this is one that we have not been to exposed to. I think that many members would love to hear about her campaign to become Mayor and then the fight to stand up for her rights as a democratically-elected official. It sounds as if she never gained the position of Mayor, and so I would be interested to hear how that shaped her thinking and motivates her in her new work.

Any of these women would provide an interesting interview but I vote for Ms. Cruz as her story is so unique. Best wishes and I look forward to reading the final interview.

Jennifer Ruwart
Jun 22, 2009
Jun 22, 2009


I think you have been burning the midnight oil lately! How are you holding up?

Both of these women are quite incredible and I am humbled by their conviction, strength and courage. I am slightly more drawn to Eufrosina Cruz. Her story is unique and less told. Are you drawn to one more than the other?

Either woman will make a compelling interview subject. Good luck!

Cristina Zesatti
Jun 23, 2009
Jun 23, 2009

Hi Jenn!!

Well, to tell the truth, I actually don’t know how I am doing ;-) I only know that I have to still doing it

And yes, I agree with you... I definitely prefer Eufrosina, even Martha is also a very interesting person.

It surprise me that Eufrosina’ story still being fascinating after her case jumped to the news more than a year ago

I will be enchanted to talk to her … for me it is also a very huge challenge to tell her story… and in English!!! Wow!! I will try to do it well ;-)

Thanks for your answer, now I have two votes (you and Janice) for Eufrosina…. Let’s see…

Love and grateful: Xthina “ )