A big apologize to all of you

Cristina Zesatti
Posted June 23, 2009 from Mexico
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My dearest ladies:

This is Xthina, from Mexico ... anyone remember me?! (Hope so!!) :-D

I know.... I have been a terrible colleague this past weeks ... I almost disappeared of this window, (almost!) and I have to tell you that I did it with all my sorrow.

The truth is that I have been so busy, without time even to take enough sleep in my daily life, and I have had to leave you for a while... I am not proud, but sometimes life is just like that

I feel terrible bad because I haven't took the time to read you with the attention that each of you deserve ... indeed, I only answered to the proposals of Olutosin (few minutes ago) and I know that it suppose that each of you was waiting for my comments or my participation on your (fantastic) work ...

But I am sure that you will understand (now that I took the time to explain you) that it’s not disinterest, its only that for now I am overbooking and it seems I will for a while yet…

I just wanted to be sure that you knew this, because I know that all of us we are in here to hear the others interaction

I promise you that I am trying to “come back” to all of you … I just can say for now that I MISS YOU, and I miss the feelings that were awaking my spirit and mind while I was reading you… I need those feelings back in my heart!!

Take care brave woman and still walking… please know (and try to remember) that I admire you so !

Missing you: Xthina " )

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Jun 23, 2009
Jun 23, 2009

Xthina, I was so happy to see your post and to read that you are well, albeit busy. You are a part of this family and will always be welcomed back with open arms. Although we may not hear from you for a period of time, we take comfort in knowing that you are out there working diligently to promote peace. When you are ready, stop by to say hello so we can all give you a virtual hug. All the best with your work and don't forget to set some time aside for yourself. With best wishes, Janice

Jennifer Ruwart
Jun 23, 2009
Jun 23, 2009


You were always here with us... you never left. Your Spirit is strong and alive on PulseWire.

Last night Scott and I were on a conference call with the mentors. What a delight to hear all the amazing things they had to say about each of you. Mary voiced what we already knew. That you are an exuberant, talented and committed woman to Peace. She feels so honored to be working with you.

How can the Voices of Our Future team help you? I've been thinking that we could explore how to better integrate the work you are doing for Corresponsal de Paz with this program. Let's bring them together in harmony! After all, none of us can defy the laws of physics and bend time to our will. Yet.