Are you going to annul your vote? Well, know since now that nothing is going to change

Cristina Zesatti
Posted June 29, 2009 from Mexico
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Yet, completely shocked by the situation in Honduras, I can’t avoid to think that Mexico is about to go to congressional elections next weekend, and even if we could say that we have a huge distance between the realities of both countries, the truth is that there are so many questions that we can ask to ourselves here, because at the end of the day, we are neighbors in this Latin American region, so plenty of inequalities.

Yes, it is amazing to see the Honduran army taking the streets from a day to another. Yes, it is frighten to see the power of illegality, and we could ask where is the “power of press” in this moment… well in this strict sense, we perfectly could ask the same questions about Mexico reality

Ok let’s accept that we didn’t have seen a military coup in Latin America decades ago, but let me insist that there are so many things in the actual situation in Honduras that reminds me how the things are going here in Mexico:

We have almost the entire country took by the army, we have the illegality infecting every part of our political system and we have a very poor press power, battled between the economical interests and the real fear to the supremacy of drug-trafficking cartels, which influence is now closely linked to 78% of the Mexican legal activities.

Mexico has to take a lesson of the temperature in Honduras, because finally we also have to accept that we are dangerously walking into a social decadent situation, that (and nobody wants it) could carry us into a total collapse.

Every Mexican citizen has heard about all those campaigns to “annul your vote” … and possibly we are going to attend to a very singular election, where so many people will take the option of “nobody” to emit their suffrage…

However, the big question here is: ¿is that the solution that we have in our hands to call for a change? ¿Is this a real option to call the attention of the authorities about our skepticism and our tiredness? I really don’t think so …

Yes, one thing is true: very few voters feels that we have real options to elect… but the big majority we are only seeing degraded options in front of our eyes, and it suppose that we have to take a choice among the “less worse”, which is not a desirable situation for a strong democracy

And, one thing is even truer: yet if 70% of voters decide to “annul” their suffrage, nothing is going to change for real. Not at all, because our political system is falling in many senses, included the mechanism of our current electoral scheme, which bad principles are going to permit that those candidates elected for a minority can govern us, even if they received only 10 votes

Come on! Let’s distinguish: this is not any kind of “social movement”; because indeed, our vote it is individual … let´s recognize that we need to be brave and take REAL actions to obtain REAL changes

Let’s conform a strong civil society, let’s show our faces … let’s go out and say NO if we want that, and not hidden behind the secret of each vote emitted but with a strong and let’s do it uncovered faces.

For sure, in Mexico, we have yet to learn several lessons from all around the world, but now that Honduras is fronting this social crumple, let’s do a real test of conscience, and let’s ask to ourselves if we are really doing things to see a change, or if (in the opposite) we are only keeping up appearances and playing a vicious game with the system, just pretending that “by annulling the vote” we are giving something valuable to our country.

We have to remember that we need to be politically committed with our reality, it is not a question about if “they, the candidates are good enough or not to us” … the real question if “we are brave enough to go beyond simple complains

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