To find peace, ¡Follow the women! ... but for this time, follow them in Spanish :-(

Cristina Zesatti
Posted October 20, 2009 from Mexico

My dear group of fantastic women:

I have to start this letter asking you for your comprehension. My last post is in Spanish because I really do not have material time now to write a feature story in english.

So I am sharing with all of you an amazing story of Detta Regan, the leader of an organization called "Follow the Women", which is trying to do a fantastic peace road in byke crossing different countries with women from all around the world, in attention to show that "it is possible to make a unique road together", no matter your religion, your colour, your country or your beliefs.... the idea is to extend this message to the entire humanity.

I wrote this story for Corresponsal de Paz (Peace Correspondent) that's why I don't have yet the English translation, however, I will try to have this text as soon as I can to really be sure that you understand Detta's message.

In the meanwhile you can try to go to her website, and (we never know!) maybe to join to her iniciative by doing the peace road with her and the women.

Thanks a lot for your patience, I promise I will try to have this story translated as soon as I can.

Kisses and admiration to all of you. Peace and Love: Xthina

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