Let's pray together: Some tips for financial aid and websites development

Cristina Zesatti
Posted May 27, 2009 from Mexico
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Hi everyone!!

I can imagine that in this times, for many of us financial aid is one of our “big issues” to solve.

And as far I think that the best way to receive starts by giving (and share) I would like to give you some tips and links that maybe can help you and your organizations

1) www.iwith.orgThis is the organization that is helping me to develop my website Corresponsal de Paz, or Peace Correspondent (www.corresponsaldepaz.org ) they are fantastic people working to develop new technologies for social entrepreneurs and NGO’s You can contact Ramon Bartomeus by mentioning me (Cristina Avila, from Mexico) his e-mail is: [email protected] he is my personal angel in Barcelona, and I am sure he will try to help you Maybe they could give you free technological service or, they could make you a very good price to help to develop your websites (normally, their fees are very accessible)

2) http://www.seedrocket.comThis website is only available in Spanish (sorry, but you can try translate the site) and actually, for now they are only accepting proposals in Spanish. They are offering financial aid to social entrepreneurs from all around the world (the only condition is to fill the application in Spanish) GO QUICKLY !!! because the close of the application is 01 June. I already made mine ;-) TRY!! AND GOOD LUCK!!!

3) http://www.beamups.com/EYPThis website is most of all for journalist who want to sell and publish their articles globally: “By registering on to Beamups you can upload your news items - video and stills - ready to sell to newsrooms around the world. You keep your copyright and set your own price, increasing the chance of making multiple transactions around the world. Beamups also welcomes you to the Beamups Campaign. The 10 content providers to upload the most content from now until 31 May 2009 will receive $500!” GO AHEAD FELLOWS!!

And again, thanks to welcome me in this group, let’s try to help each other. Love.Xthina

PD. I posted this article in another group, but I wanted to share this information to other fellows interested in financial aid resources... so good luck, and sorry to those that are reading this for second time

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May 27, 2009
May 27, 2009


A wealth of information you've shared....I think this type of sharing is one of the many things that makes WorldPulse a powerful onlinecommunity. I think you could repost these resources every so often. The first two resources won't have a deadline attached, right? Maybe you could post this in our resources exchange. You have demonstrated the idea of giving first. I am sure you will receive much from your generosity.

I volunteer at WorldPulse and will be online today and tomorrow welcoming and commenting, when I talk with a member who would find these resources helpful, I'll pass them along.



Cristina Zesatti
May 27, 2009
May 27, 2009

Hi Laura!!

Thanks for your comment ... and actually only the link two (http://www.seedrocket.com) have a deadline, the other dont.

Regards and hope it could help someone! Love. xthina " )

Anna Lag
May 27, 2009
May 27, 2009

Thank you, Laura,

I am a novice to the world of web development, so this info was super helpful and informative. I am a yoga teacher and choreographer who works with disabled young adults and I would like to eventually build my little work into larger and more community based projects. So I am very grateful that people like you are sharing information like this to everyone via WorldPulse. Thank you, anna

Nusrat Ara
May 28, 2009
May 28, 2009

Hi Xthina

Thanks for the information. I tried to register up with beamup but was confused with the organization and provider type.How it all works isn't really clear with me.

Love Nusrat