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About Me

I am an Afghan whose life and country is crippled in the heat of burning violence, burned in the senctury of terrorism and popy cultivation, targeted by the regressive fundamentalism whose fellow country-mate (women) suffer under serious violation of human rights. My country is the second worse country for women to live on the surface of this globe. Traditions and religious barriers suppress them for the want of tribal honor & so called "Afghan Culture" from one side and structural inequality pushed into the thoughts and minds in the form of their religious fate from the other have chocked them so brutally that some women despise their existence and express their deepest protest by committing suicide by burning themselves... It is a country where women are still sold as slaves in the horrible mountains of Kunar (North eastern frontier province) on an ugly market called " the Wednesday Bazaar". I live in a country where local commanders buy and sell girls and women to warlords or gift them to their superiors. A country where instead of socializing and promulgating the values of equality, women are regarded as peacebuilding products not for what who they are but for giving them ransom to te opposite tribe to satisfy their thirst of blood so that the possibility of igniting a tribal conflict is subsided. However, despite all the above mentioned unfavorable cultural circumstances the solution lies in the pain itself and it is with supporting women to candle light of peace in houses and thus seed the roots of equality by helping women find their dignified and suitable status. Through socializing Afgan men by the help of Afghan women, the most fundamental source of socialization which is family will become peaceful as Afghan women have proved to be the most direct victim of all types of violence and in contrary posses the highest sense of tolerance and learning skill. By supporting women in Afghanistan we do not only help women have a more dignified and honorable social status but we can also enternalize and socialize the value of PEACE in the war-stricken and retrogressive cultures of the world... Peace be upon all of you...Yasa Stopping violation of the women rights Cultural barriers in tribal countries Sociology of Theories and Communication

My Vision

100% literacy for women worldwide