Embracing Your Story as A Woman

Ynda Anira
Posted March 7, 2019
Embracing Your Story As A Woman
Embracing Your Story As A Woman: Women leadership. Maximising the effectiveness of females in decisive actions that manifest in the Society via influence. (1/1)

Embracing your story as A woman

To disrupt unjust systems against women, break barriers, women violence and vulnerability, the world needs to think outside the box to build a more inclusive society.

 Often times, I hear people say women are more than men in the society. I won’t argue with that. But, here is my analysis. Let’s say on percentage 60:40%, or 65:35% or so….. Now, let us assume females form 60% of the World’s population and assuming women ain’t to take vital role in our society. This means, 100% of the world’s share (economy,  potentials, livelihood etc) will be handled by 40% of men’s resources. What an imbalance!!!!!!!!!! We can all attest to the problem our society will be facing with only 40% of men’s resources handling a 100% share of our country's problems and challenges. Based on this, we should all agree that females have a role to play in our society to create a balance growing economy.

Women form an integral part in the growth of our Community as well as the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) Ladies, we have a vital Role to play in our society in Politics, Economic, Civil society, Family, Business/Entrepreneurship, Agriculture etc Females are supposed to be participatory as much as men in our society for a growing and balanced Economy. Our role in the Community is twice as bigger as that of men.

 Growing up as an African girl child, the image the society builds on her mind is a wedding dress. As she grows up, she builds fairy tales of her prince charming. No matter her education or vocation, success and true happiness is only attained in a wedding dress. Her ultimate Value. Not that marriage is bad, of course not but.... i ask myself this questions….. What if you don't get married or you delay in marrying? What if you marry and divorce, abandoned or your partner dies, what becomes of you???

Oh Women!  Let’s reduce this frustrations by Embracing and redesigning our story as a Woman.

Take significant roles in our communities in any sphere of life. Be a better version of yourself. Its okay to be a powerful woman, brave and Strong, bold, confident and courageous. Dream, believe and strive for success. Let your self-esteem be high because you honour the woman in you.

Redesign your Story as a Woman!!!!

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This story was submitted in response to Change Starts With a Story.

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Emily Miki
Mar 07, 2019
Mar 07, 2019

Dear Ynda,

Happy Women's Day. Like you mentioned I share a similar worry as to how success for women is being defined in our African context. It is the mere thought that a woman's success is tired to her getting married that puts us in the same challenges we face in our communities daily. Being able to live above that status quo and mindset and helping to educate the women and girls we come across is very important for us as gender activists to ensure.

A woman's success should never be defined by her being married, but rather by the collective impact of her presence in her community which should resonate her intelligence, innate power and strength, capacities to lead and be led amongst several other criterias.

Thanks for bringing this discussion up on a special day as this one.

Best wishes,


Mar 07, 2019
Mar 07, 2019

Hope this should start now with you

Mahnaz Harrison
Mar 08, 2019
Mar 08, 2019

Wonderfully written! Happy Women's Day!

Jill Langhus
Mar 08, 2019
Mar 08, 2019

Hi Ynda,

Congrats on sharing your first post! I love, and agree, with what you've written. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being powerful, and having dreams; and there needs to be balance for our world to thrive. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from you and hearing more about your work, your mission, and your story.

Happy IWD!

Mar 25, 2019
Mar 25, 2019

Great start with your story. Lovely, I look forward to read more of your posts. Thanks

Wamweru Imaya
Mar 28, 2019
Mar 28, 2019

Powerful my sister! I agree with you that as women we need to embrace our being women and reinvent our stories.
Unfortunately, however, lots of women and girls around the world are held back from embracing their own power and realising their fullest potential by many challenges within the society, for instance Sexual and Gender Based Violence. I'd therefore be very glad to read your next article, hopefully on ways women and girls can overcome these challenges in order to realise and embrace their full power as women and human beings.