Girl Get Ready! Life Soul-utions Network For Women

Yo'landa Dakup
Posted August 11, 2019 from United States

Girl Get Ready! Is a Life Soul-ution  Network fellowship for women. GGR addresses many deceptive issues of the soul, including traditional conformity which have hindered women from moving forward and embracing transformation.  As a woman, you may often find yourself getting ready for many things in life, which can lead you away from what is SOULFULLY needed and necessary in attaining a prosperous life. Girl Get R.E.A.D.Y is about inspiring you to become spiritually balanced and whole,  through customizing learning plans and biblical principles which focuses on building confidence and integrity in women pursuing a new direction in life.

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Girl Get Ready!

Jos Nigeria District

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Women Empowering & Impacting women.

  • My Sisters Closet (Exchange of Items)
  • Kitchen Therapy
  • Spiritual Development  &  Discipleship
  • Mentorship & Counseling
  • Education &  Business Training (EBT)
  • Planning & Goal  Setting
  • Empowerment Classes & Workshops
  • Support Groups
  • Fitness & Biblical Meditation
  •  Retreats & Outings,
  • Etiquette and more.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 12
Aug 12

Hi Yo'landa,

Your group sounds like a great and empowering opportunity. What is the difference between attending and volunteering? Or, is the point that you need to volunteer to attend, or join?

Thanks for sharing!

Hello, Yo’landa,

I love women support groups! Thank you for this information and invitation.

Yo'landa Dakup
Aug 12
Aug 12

Becoming a volunteer/member has its benefits, it also helps us to identify your commitment as a volunteer/member to support the vision and mission purpose of GGR. There are public meetings which are open to anyone who desires to come, and there are private meetings for those who have made a commitment to the network. GGR vision is to offer SOUL-UTIONS to women who are SOULFULLY ready to address issues of their mind, will, and emotions(the soul), which may have caused them to live unbalanced lives. If our soul can get healed, we can become whole.

I hope I answered your question.
And thanks for the links.

Beth Lacey
Aug 18
Aug 18

Great and exciting work

Sep 11
Sep 11

Dear Yo'landa
Congratulations and best wishes for your initiation on empowering and impacting girls/women. sounds very interesting.All the best wishes. Would love read you many more on progress.

With regards,

Sep 17
Sep 17

Hi Yolanda,
This sounds really great!!!


Sep 19
Sep 19

Well said as a woman, you can often prepare yourself to face many things in life, which can move you away from what is needed and needed to achieve a prosperous life.

Anita Shrestha
Sep 25
Sep 25

Dear Yo,landa
Thank you for sharing. Best of luck for your network, teamwork and hardwork.

Sep 26
Sep 26

Hello Yo'landa,
Jos is a beautiful place to be. I love everything that gives women the opportunity to be the very best of what God intended to be. Thank you for starting and providing a solution to programmes that would help women achieve their potentials.

Maybe one of these days, i will make it to Jos.

Harriet Chimdirimebere