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Elizabeth's Place Nigeria Transitional Home for Pregnant Teens & Teen Mothers

Yo'landa Dakup
Posted August 18, 2019 from Nigeria

Elizabeth's Place is the only known transitional home and life skills program for pregnant teens, and teen mothers in Jos Nigeria who are experiencing family rejection, abandonment, and homelessness due to her decision to keep her child. Our home provides supportive services for 2nd-trimester pregnant teens and teen mothers with children under the age of 2.

Many teen mothers live in fear and shame, and are considered to be a disgrace to their families. These teen mothers are often pressured to cover the embarrassment that some have gone as far as killing their own child just to be reaccepted back into good standings with their parents. Others pregnant teens have been beaten so badly by family members in hopes that they would miscarry due to bringing shame upon the families. Their stories are sad and some are unbelievable to hear.

Please help us to continue to offer a place of hope, love, and strength to these teens.

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Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Aug 18, 2019
Aug 18, 2019

Oh so sad that some teens are left with no option but to kill their own child. Thanks for responding to this social issue, sister. I hope you get the donations you need.

Hannah B
Aug 19, 2019
Aug 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing, Yo'landa!
I look forward to learning more about your work and about these young women.

Bim Adegbite
Aug 21, 2019
Aug 21, 2019

This is such a beautiful thing you are doing. We need more of you. Thanks for sharing.

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Aug 24, 2019
Aug 24, 2019

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