Yussif Khadijatu Iddi

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About Me

I am a 19 year old girl, studying at kwame Nkurumah University of science and technology. I am a strong feminists, an activist and advocate on human rights especially that of women and the girl child. My part of the world doesn't really support and motivate women that much to take up such bold responsibility, i wish to use this platform as my source of motivation abd support to bring massive possitive change on the side of women and our teenage girls, and i really yern for support from everyone on this platform

My Vision

To see change in the world


motivation, support and encouragement


I can support other work by using my advocacy skills to convince others to join and partake in bringing the change we wish to see


Economic PowerEducation EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership


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