Posted October 19, 2010 from Afghanistan

Election is very important for a coutry, and from side of our self we choose a person that suport from us. This election from kabul is 33 person. That 5 person is woman ofcourse from Herat perovince. that forchontly election of tis year was very good.Az you know that 27 Sonbole was election in Afghanistan. in my idea it wasent very bad. Specshally for a country that several years can join hands to election, but unforchontly in the day of 27 Sonbole in more of the provece of afghanistan was shortage of ballet. In election some of people cnat to vote. For example in Gebril the popoulation was very much, and in this election more than 1000 people came in here. From oter area taht can vote in my idea security in election or security in every things is so important. like: if in election wasent security people afreid and in election one cam. Unforchontly to election. When i went for vote the weather was not and same of the woman that came and saw taht is very noisy. They come back and said we arent haveto, we go and sit in home it is very better. really I dont know why some of our people specshally woman dont attention to Afghanistan or elections. I hope that arrive a day that all of Afghan people have comporation have attention to election to future and e.t.c.e. I am sure taht with pasing the time our people underdtant this matter taht election is so important. We should underedtant to our people that election for a country is important and possible good election can future of Afghanistan and when our country have a good future the children will be comfortable.

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Adelma A.Linatoc
Oct 19, 2010
Oct 19, 2010

Dear Zainab,

Yes,you're right my dear,it's true that election is important because out future depend on the hands of those persons whom we voted for.Of course,we voted for them because trusted them and we laid our future on their hands.There are a lot of traditional politicians(trapos) who are so witty while campaigning.They'l promise you the earth and sky but once they're there already we can't approach them,seldom are those who can lend their minimal help.You need to be more courageous and a lot of patience to start organizing our line-the women,and I can feel your willingness to have a good future for the new generation.Through Pulse Wire you can get/know and discover strategies what to use in doing your assign task.

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