Hands Off My Hijab – The Unreasonable Limitations on Faith Practices.

Posted July 22, 2021 from Canada

The various countries have wrestled the issue of the Muslim veil – in various forms such as the body-covering burka and the niqab, which covers the face apart from the eyes. The debate takes in religious freedom, female equality, secular traditions and even the fear of terrorism. Imagine a girl standing at the bus stop wearing a hijab and constantly keeping a note at her back with the fear that there might be an oppressor to snatch & harm her. The fear is equally validated as the rest of the crimes. Family enclosed themselves in their homes, just for the fact that there might be a hater who might move a truck or any vehicle on them. The veil and wearing hijab issue are a part of a wider debate about multiculturalism as many political bodies disagree that there is a want to be a greater effort to integrate ethnic and religious sectors.

A Muslim women hijab is such a powerful symbol of her faith towards Allah that the whole world is looking for ways to take it off. They know to begin sexualisation & degradation of women; you must slowly undress her from head to toe.

The fight isn’t only about female Muslims being restricted or forced not to cover themselves but also about the community's oneness. We live in a diverse society, and everyone plays an integral part to bring on change & support. It is everyone core responsibility to support each other. This matter isn’t just about the Hijab/ Niqab/ Burka but how a non-believer imposes or gives false remarks over someone’s practices that have been ongoing for the past 400 years. It is more like invading an individual’s personal space and beliefs. The debate doesn’t just stop in her.

Recently in India, there is a filthy application “Sulli Deals” which is developed auctioning Muslim women. Now, what on this universe, the education/ degrees are being used on, for just spreading Islamophobia/ hate speech propaganda. The data of females particularly Muslim women is extracted from the social media accounts mainly from Twitter with names and personal photographs. The extracted data is updated on the application which is entirely illegal practices and misuse of digital media. Imagine a girl wakes up in the morning and sees herself being auctioned on the internet. This is an absolute violation of human rights, personal information, and misleading content. Numerous social media pages post vulgar images & adult content, further customising it into religion. The male in the picture is quoted as “Hindu” and the female is graphically worn “Hijab” to represent her as Muslim. The pictures are vicious, sexual, and inappropriate inducing filthy mindsets in society. The saddest part is that there is no action being taken over such accounts on reporting the pictures and these profiles.

In an account of the incidents, there is a prominent example I would like to draw a line on - "if you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, nothing will happen. But if you shake the jar, the ants will start killing each other. The red ones will believe that black is the enemy. The black will think red is the enemy. But their real enemy is who shook the Jar. 

The same is true to our society - Before we start bringing hate on one another, fight or kill in the name of religion - we must see and ask ourselves - Who shook the Jar." 

It's an alarming situation putting one against the other in the name of religion.

Together we can protect one!




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Jul 23
Jul 23

My dear sister. Thank you for speaking out and for standing for your beliefs. You are within your rights! Such a good way of saying it, "who shook the jar". Thank you for sharing.

Beth Lacey
Jul 23
Jul 23

I agree with you. People hiding behind "religion" as a way to abuse others is horrible

180 133 Zubair Ashiq

Absolutely Marvelous ❤️

Nini Mappo
Jul 25
Jul 25

Dear Zainab,
I had never heard of Sulli Deals. It is such a disgusting violation on so many levels. I am glad that you can speak boldly to protect your freedom of personal and religious expression and to create awareness about the various forms of persecution faced by Muslim women.
I love jar illustration, which also highlights the incresing levels of intolerance of 'otherness'. Asking the question 'who shook the jar', is important to identify who is responsible for the mayhem, but I wish the ants could learn that they are just ants and they can live the ant life despite their different colours, because even if we know who shook the jar, it might not help them get along/acknowledge that their antness unifies them.

I hope we can all learn to be purely people; to live and let live. Until then, I hope you stay safe and sparkly.

Sheikh Faiza Riyaz
Aug 01
Aug 01