Shivani Saharia
Posted July 14, 2016 from India

"We meet people or come across many for a reason, either they are blessing or a lesson".

As per Today's Era, Love has become too sensitive and sexual oriented. People are turning casual in terms of understanding the feelings and emotions of the opposite person irrespective of the consequences. Love has become a battlefield rather than cute emotions and butterflies we had it in our belly. The jealously, possessiveness and restrictions has brought a disastrous outlet in relations. Everyday we come across cases, where female rejection to three words has resulted them to be the victims of hilarious crime. A girl refused a guy for being in a relation. The guy started to trouble her with vulgar text messages and fake calls and the next day he jumped into her house through the wall with few other guys to rape her. The girl, for the sake of saving her life and her dignity she jumped off the terrace. She was badly injuried and got fractured.

LOVE IS MUTUAL, NOT ENFORCEMENT. "Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. " Another incident, for which somewhere I still have a guilt that I failed to make her realize about her fake boyfriend.

It starts like, I am very active on social media and there was a guy who pinged me. I started to chat, randomly. He was being too open and started to talk irrelevant.I blocked him for his behavior which wasn't good and was disrespectful . After a couple of weeks, I met my friend and in a casual talk she spoke about the same guy. And after exchanging the conversation we concluded he was so fake and a big lier. "Fake people have a image to maintain, and real people don't care " I shared the incident and the whole thing with my sister. One day my sister friend came over. In a gossiping session the same incident came out. When we showed the picture of the guy, she told us," he is in relationship with my real sister for the past so many years." We were all so astonished. We just had no words, what to do now . But still I told her to make her sister understand to be away/beware. Her sister was too deeply into that guy. She used to spend surplus money and did everything. "Most people don't love you, they just know what you can do for them". One day, we got a call her sister is in the hospital. We went to the hospital the guy was present there and the girl was on ventilation, she was too serious. The guy said she met with an accident. In the evening, by than the girl was no more she couldn't survive. After weeks of investigation to this case it was concluded that she was poisoned by her boyfriend at his own place. He was put behind bars but presently he got released and is moving freely.

Some people will only "love you" as much as they can use you Thier loyalty end where thier benefits stop. Using a girl for physical need and other stuff by faking her with those three words of love isn't a task of brave menship.

If they don't respect, appreciate and value you then they don't deserve you. Its better to stop it in the beginning rather than being too late.

Be wise enough to make choices. Don't let anyone take you for granted or play with you emotions and feeling in the Name of "I LOVE YOU"..

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Tamarack Verrall
Jul 19, 2016
Jul 19, 2016

Dear Zainshaw,

You have written a very important story here with such a tragic and strong reminder of how difficult and dangerous it can be for women to hold onto a simple and basic right in life: to be respected. As women we have such great capacity to love and to trust, to look for and believe the best of all people. Unfortunately, as you report here, this love is too often abused, with women fleeing for their lives, and with women being killed. You have also raised an important issue that there are dangers in online communicating, too. By telling these stories you have raised awareness in those of us reading, that these betrayals are still continuing, and that we women, having such capacity to love and to trust, must be aware of those who know how to play with our emotions, and manipulate us into danger. Yes, realizing that some do not deserve us is an important lesson, and can be the difference between and a life that ends in pain and tragedy, and a free and happy life that we all deserve.

In sisterhood,


Shivani Saharia
Jul 19, 2016
Jul 19, 2016

Dear tam,

Good day

Thanks for appreciating my story and believing in me for creating awareness, that completes my moto of my daily writing.

Well, it is sad part of the world that sometimes the women are used by blindfolding them in terms of love, care and promises for a better future or togetherness. We should beware and have strong realization of the truth and the background history too.

It can hurdle further adverse consequences for the women to face.

Thanks for reading.