Shivani Saharia
Posted July 19, 2016 from India


India is divided into different channels of regions, culture, religion and caste. The inferiority and superiority of the nationalists still exist. Being to inferior class people undergo various harassment and other degrading comments and eve tease. The people with higher power want to role and dominate over them. Just to upgrade the scenario and standard of living of the inferior people "reservation system" is been generated by the government officials. The inferior class is referred under "reserved category" and have compensation in fees, electricity, education and even in jobs. Looking on these prospects gifted my the government the superior class people are tossed with the feeling of jealous and hate for them.

I just read the news feed a few days back, Dalit men (inferior) beaten to death for using the water from the well of a high class community. 4 kids tied to the car with rope and were beaten with the leather belt. Dalit girl (inferior class) gang raped by 5 men and thrown naked in jungle. Student commit suicide, getting frustrated from the eve teasing for his inferior category. Inferior class people isn't allowed to go to the temples and worship area because they are seemed as someone with impurity and unclean. Like a sin.

This differentials has ruined the smooth system of nation as in politics, togetherness, peace and enocomic development of the nation.

Why are the superior protesting against reservations? Why are they so jealous?

If we talk in a realistic way, we are born as humans and without any hashtag. Who in this world made those differentials. IT'S US, THE SOCIETY DID..! if it is so than why protesting against it. Government has taken righteous part to upgrade the inferior just for the sake they can move equally, hand in hand and can enjoy what all the others does. What made the society decide for them, why are they beaten to death and tortured like animals? Why are they not allowed to visit the places they wish to? Its our fortune we are born here, and after 5 minutes of our birth. The society decides our name, nationality, religion, caste etc and all our life we keep on defeating those.

If the superior class are so into anger and jealous on seeing the inferior class enjoying all those governmental rights, than would like to question them for the purpose of knowing what is the difference between them and the lower class. Are they having three arms and four legs, are they having two noses to breath, or eyes in back even to watch around at reflex angles, or else Are they having 20 fingers instead of just 10... What made them superior than?

Inequality was made by us, than why feeling bad about the affords made to being equal.

As per one of my personal experience,i was standing with a girl. She was narrow minded. She just looked at the girl passing by. The girl who was passing was of a darker skin tone. The one standing with me suddenly commented, "look at her skin tone, must be of inferior class".

We are born once, and life is too short. You never know where we will be tomorrow or day after. Why not enjoy the life, forgetting about these differentials made by society, why can't we live happily or equal. It isn't that tough. Why can't we help janitor, to clean and complete his work faster. Just because it will effect your pride. What about his pride, we is working to earn. Work is work. It's not about pride.

Be a king, learn to rule your self Don't let the foreign alliance conquer the real you. Live your life as you want in your own terms and conditions. Not on what society wants.


This story was submitted in response to Who Am I?.

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echo demitrez
Jul 21, 2016
Jul 21, 2016


Must say after reading your article, I have become wiser. Yes, your writing shows you are adorable and much more capable of doing anything and everything you want than you yourself ever could have ever thought. 

Cheers to the empowerment of women!

Love & Peace!

Shivani Saharia
Jul 21, 2016
Jul 21, 2016

Dear echo,

Good day

Thanks for reading and commenting. It means alot to me. God bless you dear.

Olaoluwa Abagun
Jul 24, 2016
Jul 24, 2016

Dear Zainab,

It is quite sad what we have done to ourselves. Instead of walking and working hand in hand as one humanity, we have succeeded in dividing ourselves unnecessarily.

With more conversations like this, I am convinced that our societies would know better and unite as one.

Shivani Saharia
Jul 25, 2016
Jul 25, 2016

Dear Ola, Thanks for reading and commenting. The differentials In the society has really lead to inferiority and superiority complex not only in the education jobs and other ongoing trademarks but also in crime zone. Stay blessed



Jul 27, 2016
Jul 27, 2016

Dear Zainab, 

You speak so much truth! I think your words relate to so many societies. The wealthiest of the wealthy own more than entire countries combined, and yet the people in charge - corporate interests - are the most stingy with money. 

"Why are the superior protesting against reservations? Why are they so jealous?"

If the super-rich loosened the faucet of their money flow, more people would be able to live decent lives without having to worry about just surviving. Companies worth billions pay their laborers less than a living wage. Why? Because they become even wealthier. There is nothing that explain this other than greed and selfishness. 

Your passion will spark other like-minded people to join you and voice what is unfair in society! The only way to change things is to challenge them. 

Thank you for speaking the truth, I look forward to more of your words. 



Shivani Saharia
Jul 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016

Dear Sycamore,

Thank you for reading and commenting in your liesure time. Your words are a big word for me, it motivates and inspire me more to blindfold the heir thoughts and thinking to be carried on future.

Your words mean alot dear