In the world of extremes, we can only love too little

Shivani Saharia
Posted July 27, 2016 from India


My only nightmare is waking up in the world, where no one is yours.

The world dissipated into caste, race, community, religion, culture and nationality. We are mend to be as per the rules and norms which we haven't decided. My religion is Simple Love yourself Love others And Love the world..

Well, if the society has divided the population in caste and community. We must respect thier rituals,lifestyle and religious norms. It is obvious everyone has thier belief. Whereas,the world has been entangled in these differentials. They have forgotten about thier basic human rights on which they have been taken for granted. They are unaware how it is impacting thier life.

In India,Hindus worship cow. Whereas muslims doesn't. In other country, beef and cow ribs are served. A muslim man was killed and his son was beaten badly, just because of the fake rumour about the consumption of beef.

Where lies the love ? Did they really deserved it ? How can they question or poke in thier nose in someone personal matters and thier beliefs or lifestyle ?

A muslim lady, beaten till death by hindu mob, because she was suspected of carrying beef , again it turned out to be a negative suspection.

While watching Indian news channel, i read a headline flashing , "Two hindu killed in Pakistan". As per the politics or constitutional issue, India was divided into two. One is India and the other is Pakistan. So, was the population been divided. Pakistan with majority of muslims and India with majority of sikh and hindus. Bombing in Pakistan, crime scene in Pakistan never been a headline in India. Whereas, killing of hindu whose nationality is Pakistani , is a headline.

We don't know exactly what has happened. We are a part of the "World of illusion". Keep on predicting and believing the things blindfolded with no conclusion.

I have been brought up in a very prestigious school of my city. We had a Indo- Pak festival. Artist from Pak and the Indian artist had a live concert. The motive was one, to vanish the hate and do friendship apart of political or heir conspiracy. We never felt the hate for India and Pakistan. Its not about the disputes but the love for the world. No one is bigger or lesser. Its just the way of looking at things.

No headlines been flashed on what is happening in Kashmir, India. More than 1,000 youngsters aged 7-25 ,have lost thier eyes, went through the eye surgeries and many killed . By the attacking of the defensive forces on the protestors and were ordered to target sensitive parts by the use of pellet air guns.

What kind of World are we living in ?

Love is the strongest force, the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.

This story was submitted in response to The Opposite of Violence.

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Aug 03, 2016
Aug 03, 2016

Whoa Zainsha786,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the divided world in which we live in today. A world where Hatred seems to be triumphing over LOVE. I can only say that you are doing the right thing speaking out about it because as you know this is one of the only way that we can start effecting change. If no one is talking about it then it becomes a norm. So we thank platform like world pulse that is giving us a change to air our thoughts on issues that are important to us.

Best wishes.


Shivani Saharia
Aug 15, 2016
Aug 15, 2016

Dear stelz, Good Day

I am highly thankful to you for the appreciation and for sparing your leisure time for reading me.

It couldnt be possible with the prestigious platform, world pulse in bringing up ladies all over the world and Unite at one place, where they can share thier stories and writing irrespective of the fear of the outer world.