Sick & tired, but "NOT DEAD"

Shivani Saharia
Posted September 23, 2016 from India

"Finding the right shade of lipstick is harder than finding concentrated acid".


If burning is your culture, from Ashes we Rise Let scars be your gift, and can you burn a SMILE? BEAUTY LIES IN ACCEPTANCE.

Why Humanism? Because, equality is still what students study in books where in real world rights are based on genders, behavior and character are judged by surname, respect is based on your caste and clothes. A rickshaw puller or a bigger is being paid not respected.

We need Humanism because it's the only religion which connects one human being to another without any reason or tradition. It's like one big tree trying to protect a seed from the wind. Human rights are violented on the name of religion and culture.


In India, Supreme Court had in 2013, regulated the sale of acid and other corrosive substances. Acid attack is a non-bailable offence. Acid could only be sold when the buyer produces a photo ID issued by the government. Seller should also maintain a register to specify the reasons and purpose for procuring acid. Acid cannot be sold to minors.

Acid attack still takes place. For this, it is evident that the rules are being violated with impurity.

"All these years, I have gone through hell for nothing and those who attacked me are roaming freely"- as said by acid attack victim.

"Common causes" : Unrequited love | Rejection of marriage proposal | Spouse's insistence on divorce | Wife's refusal to undergo sex determination | Professional rivalry | Disputes with brides's family | Unitended injury at scene of attack |

"I felt as if someone had set my while body on fire. The skin was just coming out"- acid attack victim.



This story was submitted in response to Growing Up Girls.

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Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016

Dear Zain,

Yet it has not stopped, like you said, even after the law being passed. And we don't know how to stop it. How long will men keep inflicting such atrocities on women as if they are entitled to do anything they want with us. What do you think is a solution for this Zain??

Shivani Saharia
Oct 03, 2016
Oct 03, 2016

Dear Rupal,

Good day

Thanks for reading. Well, here in India as you know the acid attack is at its peak and people are fearless on committing such barbarian crimes.

Firstly to put a mark over, why are people fearless?

We can take a look over the security people on which we are reliable on, police forces. As people face harassment in the station and fear to register or file a report. No direct justice or direct strict action on the culprits.

Justice delayed, justice denied.

Government as per now has introduced the law of keeping in note of the people who buy acid. But still corruption and under the table has made it easy for its availability.

Strict and rapid justice to the victims and the equal punishments to all irrespective of the posts, designation and community should be there.