Dead on her feet - Being tired

Shivani Saharia
Posted March 6, 2020 from India

The rhythm of creation, grave and reawakening. To hail from the eternal home to the cosmos. The invincible divine being, guaranteed that the earth is a welcoming town brimming with fondness, indivisibility and salvation. I vowed to anticipate the social agreement and neutrality. When I was in the womb of my procreator, I could vibe a grim thrust and blaring shouts. Those exclamations panicked me. The frightening yell of argument compelled me to pound on, “Is this the terrene that my supreme protector ensured me?”


After nine months, I was handed over. Everything appeared entirely like night and day. In place of merry making, I was designated as a fault. I could see wrinkle on their forehead of dejection and heartache. My mom held me forsaken and my dad with a forced upon green light. Doubtlessly, I could sense the soreness of being apologetic in my mother’s cuddling and kiss. She was governed not to beat the drum of my arrival into her liveliness. Nobody nursed her over a single time. A woman overseeing a 4 year old and a few days old toddler. 


The living soul wade through trails. Time will forevermore exhibits what actually matters. For her, the attitude of the surroundings were at the bottom concernment. The bedevil criticism and misfortune suffering became inconsiderable. In one place or another, she had a feeling of disgrace of not being much qualified and being espoused at a fragile age. As she was bounded. The very reason for not eloping from the train of concentrated clashes. She became fixated to one thought, to educate us and wanted to change the backslider social orders. She has keen interestedness to learn English. We both sisters were admitted to an English medium school. We were fortuitous enough to emerge in a family which could bear the superlative possessions for a superior acceptance of ongoing. My father was at a district post of the state. He was an up creek without a paddle. He couldn’t enrage other than just feigning and abide by my mother. He handed over firmness to endure the hide bounded heirs and assigns. We were in the finest school of the city. For the moment, development of the knowledge was not the only timetable of my life, bringing home banknote and being self- sufficient. The heartfelt lap of luxury for me was the variance in the gray association. To equip vitality of the women who are tormenting unsocial red- tape, analogously like my mother felt wretched because of man magisterial social order. 


Accompanying, the endowment of my handwrite. I vocalize the distressing roar of the sufferer. To consort the universe by disintegrating the boilerplate. “To kiss compulsion goodbye because she is the progenitor. The seed to be cultivated with appreciation and solicitude.”

The transmigration of a women is a ceaseless gallant of gains and decline.

Why she?

Because she is a woman with immortal hope and persisting for others.

She is a champion.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 06, 2020
Mar 06, 2020

Hi Shivani,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your powerful story of the indomitable of women!

I hope you're doing well and that you have a great IWD and month!

Anita Shrestha
Mar 06, 2020
Mar 06, 2020

Thank you for sharing this story,

prakriti sapkota
Jun 11, 2020
Jun 11, 2020

thank you for sharing this story.
Women are really the best creation of god, the bravest, the most tolerable and humane being.
Keep inspiring !!