Lisa Bull

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About Me

I was silent for too long and by keeping my silence it served no one, especially me.

Breaking the silence is so very important. I know that i have found the right place
by joining this community.

There is strength in numbers and i know that i can help others with what i have done
to regain my voice, and my creativity in my life & my community, and my Global

I can share my own story and what i have accomplished
in my life and hopefully help others along the way.

I have created a Non-Profit here in Washington State USA in 2001.
Helping others by giving Self-Esteem Classes and Strength Building.
I have created a Therapeutic Art Tool. I teach others to make them in
My Play Therapy Classes.

Writing, Poetry, Journeling, Drum Making, Rattle Making, Jewelry Making, Singing, Teaching, Living, Loving My Self & Others Healthy & Whole I am recovering from being crushed at work May 10, 2005. 6 operations to fix me & i am still in Chronic pain 24/7. I want to go back to work and can not. So i have to find other things to do with my life. Teaching others is what i love to do so here i am. Sexual Abuse Recovery Issues, Workshops to help strengthen the Voices of Women & Children

My Vision

Healthy Happy Global Community's that do not condone violent acts upon Women & Children!!!