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About Me

My passion is to inspire all WOMEN around the world, my mission is to push them for taking a first step to the next level where there’s no limits nor borders to women’s full potential, otherwise to what a woman does, did or will do!
I quote:  «  when a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower » Alexander Den Heijer.
Ladies it’s time to fix the environment.
The change starts with #YOU!

My Vision

Organize a huge event in the world, to gather up all women of the third world to rise their voices, to speak up to make their own difference


-financial support.
-all organizations are welcome (UN,ONU, UNESCO...)
-Any other help is welcome.


-Human ressources assistant.
-Community manager.
-Tech-startup co-founder.
-Speaker at « She made it-Algeria ».


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