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About Me

I , Zin Zar ,was born in very far from Yangon in the village called Ganane in Ayarwaddy Division.I passed my difficult school time because there is no middle school in my village after primary school.Then , I move to Yangon with my second elder sister's family.I have tasted the bitterness of away from home.After graduation,I worked at the Dagon Brewery Company as a receptionist but I quit the job because of my H.R manager who always abuse to the staff .Then I joined the buyer QC company as a buyer QC for the garment factories.Unfortunately, I resigned that job because my seniors who think about the buyer , not the workers from factories didn't get on with each other. Finally, I became a teacher to share my knowledge and education to not only youths but elders as well.Unexpectedly, I am not a teacher but also a consultant for them.I set up my spoken English for about five years till now.The climax of my story is that I met a man who doesn't loyal on me. He took everything from me by cheating my love and life.I supported him to be a graduated one and helped him to go abroad but he met a new face.My life was upside down with blue days but I let him go and I don't want to revenge him. Then I joined BARS university as an English Major student. I don't want to give up my life because of unfaithful love.I sympathize the women who are painful of love or something and I eagerly want to be a pioneer of them so that I am trying to be something not only for the poor people especially the elderly but also the youths' education.My success must be for them.My aim is that I want to build up an international school like MISY , ILBC or BARS program.I'd like to promote the youths both education and knowledge for their lives.Though my dream is big, I will try my best.I will fill up my abilities more and more.It is difficult for a lady attending university with job but I will not give up.Sometimes I face to fall down but I try to get up myself again. as a receptionist, a buyer QC various of challenges such as delaying the school fees because of laking money, leaving a lovely one ,attacking by the same business an English Language Teacher

My Vision

To build up an international school and aid the poor