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About Me

I'm from Tunisia I'm 22 years old and I'm studying for my master dgree in finance . I stand for human rights. As i grow old i dicover how cruel and unfair the wolrd we live in so i want to take actions and try to make it a better place .

Digital Media is an efficient tool to spread informations and to transform words into ations . And that's what happened in my country in 2011 ;Facebook had an important role in the revolution so the people of Tunisia brang down the dictature . But until now we are still fighting to build the democracy .

I want to live in a free country where people respect each other despite of theire differences I want the corrution to be reduced to a minimum level . so i started to get engaged in the civic society and participate in the process of change.

I'm optimistic and i know that every little act can make a difference :)

My Vision

i see a future where women all over the glob know practice and stand for their rights . where women are treated the way they deserve.


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