From a movement to a revolution

Posted October 2, 2015 from Tunisia

I believe that grassroots can have a tremendous impact . it can begin with one person or a small group of people to become a national or even a worldwide movement. Unity is strength ; when some people believe in a cause engage and work hard together to defend that cause they will succeed in creating an impact ..

Many of you might heard or read about the Arab Spring it is for me the most powerfull Grassroots Mobilizing for a change i have witnessed. and it started from my country Tunisia .

Before talking about the revolution i want to go back before 2011, for 23 years there were one goverment and one president , it was unquestionnable to talk about political issues , people were deprivate from basic freedom such as expression and religion ; women who wears hijab suffered a lot they were always harrased by cops they were inable to go to school or to get a job .. Unnadition to that , the goverment were very corrupted every one who get a high position worked for his own inetrest and good without caring so much about the people's problems like lack of education unmployment and poverty.

So with the accumulations and the pression there were an explosion, it all started on Decembre 2010 when a desperate young man killed himself by burning his body it was the sparkel to a national movement there were manifestations all over the country and showdown with the police people get injured and died during the movements .But we didn't give up and we succeeded to bring down the dicature and the goverment . and since 2011 we have been building a new democracy , we have more freedom we can speak more , youth are getting more involved in the political economic and social field

But the fight is still on , with the threat of terrorism there is always a risk

The jasmin revolution as it was called led to other movements in the arabic world some of them brang down the their goverments but unfortunately it causedalso civil wars like in syria ; many people died and others are a refuge with no home and nothing.

The tunisian movement is considered the most successfull one; there were some terrorism attack but we didn't go through a civil war ..

As a Tunisian young woman i will work more for my country for a better education for the gender equality and for the dignity of the people .

Proud to be Tunisian

Grassroots Mobilizing

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Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015


Thank you for sharing your story and the story of your country's revolution. What a perfect example of how one small action can spark change in an entire country. I agree that this is what makes grassroot efforts so important. Keep up the good work to fight for a better tomorrow for your community! I know with more people like you working together, the country can change for the better. as you said "Unity is strength".



Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015

Dear Zizou,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and the history of Tunisia's revolution. I really like the beginning of your article when you write "when some people believe in a cause  engage and work hard together to defend that cause they will  succeed in creating an impact". This is a wonderful statement and I wish you all the best for your work and your efforts in your country. You write that you want to work on better education, gender equality, and dignity of people. These are such important issues and I am sure you can have a great impact. You wrote yourself  "it can begin with one person or a small group of people to become a national or even a worldwide movement ". So keep doing what you are doing and keep sharing!