Women in Darfur Region

Zuhal Ahmed
Posted February 22, 2011 from Sudan

Women in Darfur has a very significant and essential role in economic activities, these activities depend on labor work always conducted by them as major participants. For example the women makes all the cultivations of the land and all other preparation for farming up to harvesting, while the man is enjoying his times with no regard to what woman does ,we all know that what woman collects from farming is sufficient ,so she move to the sites and town looking for other additional work so as to increase her family income by doing very hard work by( Work in building construction, Mud puddle, Lifting or transfer the bricks, Trade of vegetables and fruit and Dairy products The women in Darfur carry out all difficult and hard jobs since her early life up to her oldness, she herds the animals milk them, grow crops, build house and so forth. so woman suffers a lot continuously , her suffering does not end at this limitation but goes beyond to social customs and traditions ,in which man believes that these as some activities that are not his task to do ,but they as women activities such as collection of water and fire wood or preparing food for family .ete ..These are too hard and tough activities for her to do, because in Darfur collection of water and fire wood is too difficult because of the remote water points and because of the difficult terrain of Darfur region. Beside all these difficulties we find that the high rate of illiteracy is too high among the women in Darfur’s rural areas because they do not find the opportunity for education, which has a positive and direct roles in the economic performance, social and humanitarian support for women Which is the health of the mother and child, the acquisition of new skills, develop the economic development and rationalization of resources and family planning. With all these challenges, we find that there are some women who worked for the impossible until they got the opportunity for education, and the others who are students at different educational levels from elementary up to university are working after the end of the school day as domestic workers or vendors in the market to provide money for their school expenses,(so this is the reality of the women life in Darfur region.

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