#ConnectWomenHealTheWorld: Global Responses to COVID-19


Global Responses to COVID-19

When women connect, we create solutions that heal the world.

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In times of isolation and disruption, sisterhood prevails online.

In response to the global pandemic, World Pulse is launching #ConnectWomenHealTheWorld: Global Responses to COVID-19, an inspiring campaign to showcase how women are responding to COVID-19 and collaborating across borders to create impact around the world.

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Quarantine Your Uterus

"Let us remember and prioritize women whose uteruses too need to be protected for the good of the nation." 

Health advocate Harriet Kamashanyu speaks out on why sexual and reproductive health services are essential during pandemic response.


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COVID-19 in the Life of Blind People

"The problems that my blind community faced during this pandemic cannot be expressed in words."

Tiffany from India highlights the unique issues and effects that COVID-19 has on those who are blind.

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KENYA: Our Leadership Must Be Remembered

“After the crisis, will we look back and remember women’s incredible leadership and contribution during this time?”

Wamweru Imaya in Kenya speaks out on why COVID-19 is our chance to recognize women’s vital leadership in times of crisis. 

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