About Us

About Us
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World Pulse increases the global voice and leadership of women worldwide using the power of digital communication. Here, Congolese activist and World Pulse member Neema Namadamu teaches women leaders how to use the Internet to speak out and change the future of their country.

World Pulse has developed a digital platform that is sitting on the most valuable storehouse of intellectual properties in the world:  the networking of women's knowledge in communities across the globe.

Hazel Henderson, World Renowned Futurist and Economic Evolutionist

Who We Are

World Pulse is a powerful online community of women and allies worldwide who speak out and build solutions to today’s biggest challenges. We empower women leaders on the ground by advancing their digital skills and leadership to mobilize around the world and create real social transformation. Today, tens of thousands of women from 190 nations are using WorldPulse.com to start movements and pressure global leaders to take a stand on the issues affecting their lives, ranging from the allocation of economic resources to securing leadership at all levels of society.

Our mission is to accelerate the global changes women seek by using digital communication to unite and amplify women's voices, solutions and impact worldwide.


The Time is Now for A WOMEN-LED Global Digital Revolution

We believe that when women are heard and connected, they transform the world for the better. But until now, there has never been a central forum for women around the world and the organizations that support them to connect, collaborate, and leverage their collective voice. With Internet and mobile technology, we have the opportunity to unite and solve today’s most pressing issues at a scale never before imagined in history!


Our Online Community Unites Changemakers Everywhere

Anywhere in the world, women who have access to the Internet can harness its power through World Pulse to:

  • Speak freely without fear of retribution;
  • Connect with other women around the world;
  • Gain leadership skills and roles through our training and unique online leadership programs;
  • Read and author online content that meets their needs and interests—something that is lacking for most Internet users in developing countries—and empowers them to believe in their own voice;
  • Unite with thousands of individuals, organizations, and key influencers in the global social change sector.


We Train DIGITALLY-SAVVY Women Leaders Around the World

Women need digital skills to shape the future of the world. When a woman joins WorldPulse.com, she can immediately assume a leadership role in our community through our Online Community Leadership Program, and build her leadership skills through facilitating the engagement of other members. She can also apply for our Digital Empowerment Training and learn how to use digital communication tools to increase her knowledge and access to opportunities, and engage communities online and offline to strengthen social change movements. We also train women leaders how to train others in digital empowerment in their communities, creating a ripple effect of change.


We Amplify Women’s Voices To Accelerate Change

If women’s participation is to be transformative, their voices need to be heard in a broad range of decision-making forums, from households to national parliaments.

The World Bank

Women’s voices must be heard at decision-making tables.  The women of our online community are developing and sharing valuable recommendations and innovative models for a better world. World Pulse regularly solicits input from our community on key issues of the day. We spotlight and channel this crowd-sourced content to decision-makers and influential forums to inform outcomes and decisions to ensure they are inclusive of women’s lived realities.



Lives are changing through World Pulse! Read more about our impact.



Let us be a loudspeaker
for women of the world.

Let us call forth voice
where before there was silence.

Let us stand back while they speak up,
for their words are so beautiful they
need no adornment.

Let us be their platform, their forum,
their safe haven, their sanctuary,
an amplifier no one can ignore.

Let us create a world where women are
not only free, but empowered so greatly
as to be unstoppable.

A world where a woman can
transform her life as well as the lives of those
around her by simply raising her voice.

One voice at a time, millions of voices strong.

Until the sound is so deafening, the whole
world will hear their music.

It’s not just a dream—it’s a revolution
that has already begun.

This is the pulse that transforms the world.


Become a part of the Pulse. Join us.