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We believe women hold the power to create global change. We connect them.

We're an award-winning social network connecting women worldwide for change. By harnessing the power of technology, we help create a world — both virtual and physical — where women unite to share resources, launch movements, start businesses, run for office, or simply tell their story. A world where all women thrive.


Because when women are heard and connected, we have the power to transform the world.

We are World Pulse and this is our digital uprising.

We are increasing our impact by the minute.

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Our digital model accelerates women's leadership

We are an internationally recognized, trusted network.

Our Story: One Voice Became Many

When I was 19 years old I went to the Amazon forest as a journalist and worked with women struggling to feed their families as a result of oil contamination. They asked me to be their messenger – to tell their story to the world. And as I continued to travel - to the Burma border and across the United States - I heard this same plea from more and more women. That’s when I realized that we needed a global media source where women could be their own messengers.

Less than 10 years later, I founded World Pulse. It began simply as a print magazine. But as digital media gained momentum, we took World Pulse online. And while the mission remained the same, the impact multiplied. Today, tens of thousands of people around the world are united through our social platform and our members touch millions more as a result. As we develop new ways to engage our online community it will only continue to grow. We are speaking a new world, and the world will hear us roar.

World Pulse has a bold ambition – to use digital technology to unleash the untapped creative potential of women everywhere. Our global community reflects that dream and now that you’ve joined us, you are helping to making it a reality.

Together we are creating a new world and this is our story.

Jensine Larsen
Founder and CEO

Board of Directors

Jensine Larsen
Founder and CEO
Anne Dupont
Online Community Chair
Beth Lacey
Shofali Agarwal
Jeanine Becker
Board Member
Mahnaz Harrison
Board Member
Jessica Robinson
Board Member
Dr. Romie Mushtaq
Board Member
Daphne Luong
Board Member
Theresa Gattung
Board Member
Jamie Rice
Board Member
Jody Vandergriff
Board Member


Jensine Larsen
Founder and CEO
Maya Iwata
Vice President of Development and Partnerships
Moutushi Dey
Operations & Finance Director
Anne Penikis
Director of Product Development
Krizelle Manzano
Director of Marketing and Communications
Corine Milano
Head of Storytelling
Dawn Arteaga
Director of Community Engagement
Encourager Mentor
Stella Paul
Lead Trainer
Hannah B
Online Community Manager
William Foster
Web Architect
Lynn Conway
Senior Data Analyst
Dylan Dills
Office Lead
Kay Link
Development Manager

Global Advisory Network

Abby Goldberg
Media Strategy and Advocacy
Aditi Mohapatra
Business for Social Responsibility Advisor
Amie Newman
Strategic Communications for Social Change
April Rinne
Global Citizenship Expert
Karen Watson
Strategic Communications/Journalism Consultant
Bev Corwin
Technology Strategist, Language Localization Expert
Lena Beck Roervig
Global Leadership Development
Caleb Bushner
Digital Design and Innovation Strategist
Chris Robisch
Digital Marketing, PR, Public Speaking, Brand Strategist
Christine Kurban
Marketing & Brand Strategist
Daphne Ortiz
Public Relations Expert
Françoise Hovivian
Global Advisory Network Chair
Frank Smyth
Global Journalist Security Expert
Geri Pell
Private Wealth Advisor
Ellen Wingard
Transformational Leadership for Social Impact Expert
Director of Storytelling and Engagement
Janet Van Huysse
Global HR Executive
Leland Russell
Business and Leadership Coach
Liz Wald
Marisa Rivera
Leadership & Empowerment Expert
Nanci Jimenez
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Healer
Nan Crawford
Public Speaking, Presentation, Influence & Leadership Coach
Natalie Lynn Rekstad
Philanthropy Consultant
Nichol Bradford
Transformative Technology Executive
Nikki Silvestri
Equitable Economies Leader
Rebecca Rodskog
Workplace Crusader, Workplace innovations
Renee Wittemyer
Women & Technology Innovation Expert
Rita Trehan
Global HR & Business Transformation Expert
Robin Parisse
Media Therapist and Project Manager
Schuyler Brown
Visionary Brand Builder & Futurist
Sarah Rose
Digital Monetization Expert
Susan Kenniston
Technology & Operations Executive
Suzanne Biegel
Gender Lens Impact Investor

We partner with leading global organizations and coalitions to speed up the collective change that women are creating worldwide.

Contact us if you are interested in partnership.

Top Funders: The Leadership Pulse Network

These are a few of our 80 global leaders, philanthropists, and foundations we are proud to partner with to speed up gender equality worldwide. We are proud to recognize all of them for being on the forefront of global efforts.