Announcing Our Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign

World Pulse is excited to announce the official launch of our six-month-long Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign! We invite you to join us in uniting voices of girls, young women, and their champions who are breaking through barriers so that girls everywhere will have access to education, and the opportunity to transform the world. Tell us your stories – Connect with others – Watch your voice rise

Tell us your own story and perspective on what you or young women in your community confront when accessing education. Tell us what transformations you’ve seen in girls, their families, and communities. Outline your vision for change and watch your voice rise to new heights with World Pulse’s media and advocacy partnerships.

In this campaign, World Pulse will spotlight your testimonies and broadcast your solutions and personal visions.

We will channel your story, along with other girls’ and women's stories from around the world, to major media outlets, advocacy groups, policy-makers, and key international forums to ensure that your voice is heard through the halls of power.

In June we will connect your voices and engage with the delegates of the G(irls)20 Summit as they make a recommendation to the world leaders at the G20 in Russia. In partnership with the Asian University for Women, we are launching our second regional focus, highlighting Central and South Asia, to hear from students and other young women of their experiences, solutions, and visions for this highly diverse region.

Visit our new Campaigns page to read submissions from other community members and to find out how you can participate. To start you off, we've highlighted recent education-related community stories. Be heard today!

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At Asian University for Women, we gonna have an information section about the campaign and I gonna lead the section...

Thank you so much for World Pulse............

I can't wait to start hearing from the students there. I believe you have so much to share in experiences and learnings. Thank you Aberamy!

Kathy World Pulse Project Manager

Will be exciting hearing experiences and solutions from Central and South Asia. Great idea WP!!!

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Hi Beatrice,

We would love to learn from you as well. We'd love to hear from you, the girls you're helping (check the guidelines on age restrictions), and the mentors you've arranged. I know you work in very rural areas with little access to the internet, but it's these lessons we need to hear about and learn from.

You will see we spotlighted one of your writings already to seed the campaign. To encourage others. Feel free to mark the Campaign Checkbox on the edit tab of that story or better yet give us an update!

I look forward to reading more of your stories!

All the best,

Kathy World Pulse Project Manager

For some reasons I never thought I could perform well in school until I went to college. In fact I never thought I would ever go to college. I felt intimidated by the idea! I graduated High School in 1999 and did not go to college until 2003. But once I got my foot in the door, I shined, getting higher and higher grades and surpassing all the expectations I ever had for myself! I am first generation in my family going to college! In fact 10 years later, I am still in college and loving the learning process! I feel fortunate to have had the opportunities I have had going to school and getting a high education, not just for the doors it opened, but more for the self confidence it gave me. Based on my own experience and what education has brought to my life, I am a fervent advocate for the right of all women and girls to attend school and transform themselves and the world!

Delphine Criscenzo

Hello. I believe that this will be the best opportunity for all of us to come together and share our experiences when it comes to protecting the rights of all girls around the world. I cannot wait to see the transformation to happen in the lives of our young girls around the world. Congratulations and God Bless us all!

All the best....

Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. I still have a long way to go and being at a youth centre interacting with the youths full of dreams, I believe with a little guidance our girls will achieve whatever goal they set and change the world, if women speak out they will impact positively in the community.


Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. I still have a long way to go and being at a youth centre interacting with the youths full of dreams, I believe with a little guidance our girls will achieve whatever goal they set and change the world, if women speak out they will impact positively in the community. I can't wait to learn from other people.


Girls are young, full of energy, idealistic and enthusiastic. Together they stand, they can move mountains and soften hearts of stone. God will surely use them to advance the concerns of girls and women.. for God's own honor and glory.... God speed!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

I love to read, I love to dream, I love to learn. I cannot get enough of learning so much so that it seems like I'm on overload and I have to take a break sometimes. Girls, Females, Women we are so smart, creative, strong, fierce and fabulous creatures. We must use these strengths to progress for our communities so that we will live in a community where the gender equality is the norm. Girls hold onto your dreams because it can become your reality, it's in your hands.

Girls/women can make the world a lot more healthier, happier, and cleaner place. Girls/women need to vigorously pursue the goal of global weapons/arms disarmament. This money can be used for human,social and infrastructure development which is critically needed by the world today for a much improved and stable future.

Additionally, there are a myriad of issues at individual, national and global level that need to be resolved for which girls/women can play a key/central role for positive change.

With Best wishes, Mr Sanjay Dixit, Mumbai, India

Sanjay R. Dixit

My parents could have stayed in Afghanistan instead of leaving it.They left the country because after the demise of the Russian's, it became almost impossible for girls to attend schools. My parents have 3 daughters, they have made a huge sacrifice of leaving their home land and their dear family just to get their girls educated and I am very thankful for that. Thanks to my perents and their support I quicly learned all the languages needed in our new home land and obtained a master's degree in law. Today I work for a small NGO that is advocating women's rights and is against forced marriages and marital captivity. I can say that my dream has come true. I am what I always wanted to become: an activist of women's rights.

It all would not have been made possible without my parents. Many girls in Afghanistan with lot's of potential are kept at home by their parents or discouraged by their parents to attend school. I believe that we need to make the older generation aware of the need of education. A poor country such as Afghanistan simply cannot afford to have their women paralysed by keeping them away of education!

The Education She Never Got My mom always believed that I deserve the education she never got while on the other hand, my dad being a typical African dad did not care about educating a girl child because she will end up in a man’s kitchen. Though my mom was not educated but she was always sure that her children were in school especially her daughter. According to her she admires cooperate women a lot because they were respected by society. She enjoyed seeing a woman driving and one day she wanted her daughter to drive too. Having a family of three boys and a daughter, my mom emphasis was on me the only girl. She was solely responsible to send me to school all by herself. This included all the fees and her little money earned from running her shop in the market could not afford me enrolling in a private school. On the other hand my brothers were comfortably enrolled in the best private schools while I went to public schools. They were enrolled in Catholic schools, the most expensive and prestigious schools in Liberia. That means my father could afford to send all of his children to school but he deliberately refused to send his daughter to school. As I grew older, I wonder why I was enrolled in a public school and my brothers in private school especially in Catholic Schools. Whenever I ask my mom why, she will cover up for her husband by saying he could not afford to send us all to private schools so I should be satisfy with what I have. The older I got the better I knew that my father deliberately refused to pay my fees because he feels that I will bear another man’s name when I am married. He would accuse my mom of stealing his money to pay my fees and he will call both of us names. All my life I attended public schools and I am proud I did. Now I am solely responsible for my parents now that my father is retired and my mom can no longer run the shop. Every time I carried their monthly supplies of food items other house hold needs, my mom cries. One day I why is she always crying? She said she cried because she knew one day I was going be exactly who she never was. She never owned a car, neither did she drive one. She never spoke Standard English, neither did she read nor write but I did. This is for the mothers that stood up for their daughters and to the ones that never had the courage to do so; I know you did in some other ways. To today’s mom be strong for your daughters. Give your daughters the education she deserves even if entails enrolling her in public school do it. Like my mom I have three sons and a daughter. She is the best thing that ever happens to me. Unlike me my daughter is enrolled in the most prestigious school in Liberia. I am also giving her the opportunity I never got. I never had the opportunity to have a government official child as a friend, or a diplomat child as a friend, I never had the opportunity to mingle with the high and mighty but my daughter does because they all school mate.