Call for Submissions: Maternal Health

Every year, approximately 287,000 girls and women die from pregnancy-related causes. Are you a health worker on the front lines working to prevent these deaths? Are you a citizen journalist uncovering inequalities in maternal care? Are you an activist fighting abortion policies that endanger women's lives? Are you a concerned citizen who has witnessed tragedy and is compelled to speak out? Are you aware of innovative solutions to maternal mortality you want to see shared and replicated?

If you have a perspective on maternal health issues in your community, we want to hear from you!

We are partnering with Women Deliver to raise the volume on voices speaking out for maternal health. World Pulse community members from across the globe have gotten this initiative off to a great start with powerful solutions:

  • Adepeju in Nigeria seeks increased regulation and training for traditional birth attendants to prevent tragedy.
  • Upasana in India laments the deadly delays confronting women with delivery complications. She envisions emergency obstetric care services within the reach of all pregnant women.
  • Precious in Cameroon calls for awareness to prevent women from being coerced into unnecessary caesarean sections.
Add your voice! What maternal health challenges and solutions do you see in YOUR community?

Share your story in our online community and add the tag "Maternal Health" to your journal to be considered for publication.

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Equal status for women along with men. Making Female Foetcide (Infanticide) a crime against humanity Equal opportunities for women along with men Safety, respect and dignity for girls/women Boys/Men and Girls/women to collaborate to make the world a better place to live Probity between Boys/Men and Girls/women. ............because Boys/Men and Girls/women have to live to gather as per natures laws.

Regards, Mr Sanjay Dixit Mumbai,India

sanjay r. dixit

She is humble but blessed

Calm and reserved For she knows her worth It springs forth even when she's not acknowledged She sacrifices all, gives all, bears all and even endures all As she awaits the prize of her pain For it's is what she lives for and draws joy Even when tomorrow seem blank The past pain is forgotten But replaced by wonder As she holds her child For what seems like months of pain came with a life time of joy

This is her consolation