Celebrating the 2010 Voices of Our Future Correspondents

Over the past five months, thirty courageous women have undertaken a journey of empowerment to become loudspeakers for their communities. They have overcome political uprising and violence in Yemen and the Ivory Coast, faced flooding in Saudi Arabia, power outages and inadequate internet connections in almost every country—all to speak their truths from forgotten regions of the world and bring their visions for change to a global audience. “If I did not find World Pulse, I would still be boiling, my voice was always indoors, burning, longing for a way out. I am grateful I found not only a channel but listeners too. I will speak for change to my very last breath.” 2010 Correspondent, Achieng Beatrice Nas, Uganda

Working with our program partners Global Press Institute and Op-Ed Project, our staff trained the Correspondents on the principles of practicing ethical citizen journalism, and how to write compelling frontline journals, feature stories, and op-eds. They were introduced to new media concepts and opportunities, such as how to pitch a story online and offline; work with new social media formats (blogging, Twitter, Facebook); use mobile phones to access the internet; understand the strengths of multi-media content; and how to utilize these tools to amplify their voices online.

Through program partner the Empowerment Institute, each Correspondent was paired with a mentor to support her participation in the program, as well as paired with a personal editor to help her overcome any communication challenges she might face.

Demonstrating Impact

The second annual year was incredibly successful, with all 30 women completing the program and 100% of survey respondents reporting increased knowledge in citizen journalism, self-awareness, confidence, and empowered leadership.

“World Pulse has helped me realize the potential of my voice. I have always known that I was born to write and to speak, but through World Pulse, and through seeing what impact my writing has had on women of different colours, creeds and countries, I am more convinced than ever that I can and will make a difference.” 2010 Correspondent, Fungai Machirori, Zimbabwe

World Pulse believes when a woman’s voice is heard, she can transform her life and those around her.

Achieng Beatrice Nas is creating a wave of change in her own community and empowering others to do the same. When threatened with eviction from her family land after her last son died of AIDS, Beatrice’s mother turned to her for help. Having received mentoring and support from the Voices of Our Future Program and information about local NGOs in her community working for land rights, Beatrice decided to stand up for her family and help her mother overcome local customary laws. Together they challenged the community leaders and won their case. They are now pursuing legal registration of their land to ensure their family’s future.

World Pulse believes that when women’s voices are connected, innovation from the ground can be scaled to address global issues.

Through the Voices of Our Future network, Sarvina Kang from Cambodia was connected to and interviewed by the 10x10 project, a global social action campaign and film directed by an Academy Award nominated director. She is now serving as one of their first Girl Advocates and will be mobilizing her local community to promote girls’ education through writing, social media, and speaking out.

World Pulse believes when a woman’s voice is added to the global agenda, her actions can create a world where all life thrives.

Laura Golakeh, Warona Maifala, Shekina, Thais Moraes, and Sapna Shahani have all been hired to become journalists by the Global Press Institute. They join 2009 Correspondents Joanne Wanjala, Gertrude Pswarayi, Dando Mweetwa, Gifty Pearl Abenaab, Stella Ndugire-Mbugue, Obisakin Christianah Busayo, and Nusrat Ara, and will continue to document unheard voices in their communities and share their stories of hope and perseverance.

World Pulse Live

"When our whispers trumpet throughout the world, we will be a great power for change." Malayapinas, Philippines, 2009 Correspondent speaking at TEDWomen

A special congratulations to Martha Llano, Sarvina Kang, and Shekina who were selected to represent the 2010 Correspondents at our World Pulse Live media and speaking tour events this October. These three women will be traveling with the World Pulse team to New York City, Washington, D.C, Denver, Portland, OR, and San Francisco to share their experiences with you! Make sure to keep an eye on our program page and this summer's e-magazine for further details.

Looking Forward to 2011

The third annual year of Voices of Our Future will be launching this September. We are excited to offer an expanded curriculum which will include learning materials on visual storytelling and video advocacy, as well as public speaking. As we train grassroots women leaders worldwide, the wave of empowerment grows.

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No event in my life has been as life changing as being one of the Voices of Our Future awardees. Memories of the most wonderful trip ever are still alive in my mind as I read the news about the new 2010 program awardees. I am honored to pass the challenge on to these three amazing women: Martha Llano, Sarvina Kang and Shekina.

I have followed the most important stages of the program, and I know that all 30 2010 correspondents are wonderful and astonishing. I want to pass on my deepest admiration and love to them and their work in their countries. I know that Martha, Sarvina and Shekina will represent all of you, all of us, in the only way this community know: lovingly.

Saying congratulations then, is not enough. The fullfillment, the grace, the profound change that has taken place in the lives of these thirty women, and the awesome trip that awaits the last three, has no parallel in the world.

So I am here to say not only congratulations, but also to send them all a big hug that will pamper their souls and make them all feel as the stars they truly are. Thanks all for being here for us!

The same big hug also goes to the amazing World Pulse team that once again has hit a homerun. We are here to applaud you one more time.

With all my love,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

We have commited to publishing a book of Essays 'Women For Peace 2011' by 21 Sept 2011. We are open to essays from women in world pulse, that speak to the need for peace from a woman's perspective. We will have 101 essays in the first edition. Please contact us for the guidelines to have your work included.

To see our other works on Women's Rights, please visit http://www.sophiasirius.net

Sophia Sirius Publishing Team

MA Foohs and PM Dacre

We have included a copy of our 'My Introduction to a New Feminism" E Book here.

How are you Sophia? I have just joined the network and wanted to find out if you have already published the essays or you are still accepting contributions. I would love to write something but what exactly are you looking for?


we are still seeking them

1000 words maximum

personal essays on how peace is important in your world for UN Int'l Women's Day of Peace on 22 Sept 2011.

send in word for windows format with full contact details.

We'll let you know more as the momentum begins.

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It was a wonderful learning experience to be a part of the VOF program! and I will be encouraging many others to be a part of the World Pulse - for we all have a story that needs to be told and heard!!


-Every trial is an opportunity to succeed even further-