Honor a Woman, Celebrate a Girl!

Maybe you've seen or even participated in the Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign that kicked off last month. We are celebrating the power of girls by collecting stories and solutions of girls overcoming barriers to education. In addition to these powerful testimonies, we are also honoring the women and girls creating a brighter future through a special creative writing prompt. If you visit the campaign submission guidelines you'll see there are two different calls for participation. The first asks for your stories and perspectives on girls' empowerment through education. Submissions received before May 10 will be delivered to delegates at the G(irls)20 Summit this June.

The second call for submissions is more creative and open ended, so we thought we'd share a few examples to get your ideas flowing. With this prompt, we're specifically looking for writing, photos, and other media that show what motivates you to champion the cause of girls' empowerment. These submissions are also due by May 10. On May 12—Mother's Day in many countries around the world—our editorial department will be highlighting some of these heartfelt stories and tributes from the campaign.

Inspired? Submit your response to one of the following prompts by May 10

1) Write a story or poem, or send a photo or a video honoring a woman or girl in your life.

2) Write a letter to your younger self or to girls in your community expressing what it is to grow into a woman.

3) Send a letter to a mentor or figure in your life who helped you as a girl. What did that person do, how did they help you, and how would you like to thank them?

4) Write a letter to your daughter outlining your aspirations and dreams for her.

  • When posting your journal, be sure to select the the checkbox marked "Girls Transform" to include your submission in the campaign.
  • You can attach photos or links to video in your public post.

Click here to learn more about the campaign and view full submission guidelines.