Inspire to Aspire

UPDATE: The first image we posted for our Inspire to Aspire challenge received so many hopeful and insightful comments, we've decided to post a new one. Does this photo ignite your voice for girls' education? Share your message on Facebook by June 18 and join the challenge! As the Girls Transform the World campaign wraps up, we invite you to help us close out on a note of inspiration. Join us in a Facebook challenge and broadcast your strength, courage, and motivation to the world.

Over the last month and a half of the Girls Transform campaign, members of our incredible online community have made their voices heard. They have told the world about the challenges and successes they have encountered in their lives, their communities, and their countries. In a special Mother’s Day tribute, they have also celebrated and honored special women in their lives who have nurtured, guided, and inspired them. Through hundreds of unique testimonies, several powerful themes have been woven throughout. One of the most prevailing themes has been the importance of finding inspiration in order to pursue your dreams against all odds. A potent mentor, a compelling quote, a sister who helps you along the road; all of these elements were highlighted by our community as the impetus for never giving up on their aspirations.

World Pulse wants the perseverance found in your stories, poems, testimonies, and photos to have a multiplier effect and inspire thousands of girls, young women, and their champions around the world to break through barriers so that girls everywhere will have access to education and the opportunity to transform the world.

That's where you come in. We have posted a photo to our Facebook page, and it’s YOUR job to give it a powerful message that inspires girls and women in every community and country to aspire to obtain the education of their dreams. We encourage you to leave a comment below the photo with a short inspirational message that you want to transmit to the world on breaking barriers to girls’ education. View the Girls Transform the World digital action campaign submission guidelines for details.

To participate in the challenge, visit our Facebook page.

Through Likes, Shares, and Comments, these photos and messages will reach thousands of people throughout the world, inspiring them to break down the barriers to girls’ education in their lives and their communities. This is your chance; let your (inspirational) voice be heard!