Missed World Pulse LIVE? Watch the Highlights.

It’s hard to believe that World Pulse LIVE 2012 has come to a close. Over the past three weeks, our correspondents Stella, Neema, and Hummingbird spoke at 18 events across the US. Their personal stories about harnessing digital media to empower women in their communities moved and inspired audiences, underscoring the power of women speaking for themselves to the world.

Now, as these three courageous women pack their bags and embark on their return trips home, we’re sharing four powerful recordings highlighting the incredible energy of this year’s tour.

CNN Interview

In Atlanta, CNN interviewed Stella and Hummingbird about their commitment to empowering women through social media. They also spoke about their own personal histories, the situation for women in their communities, and what we—as witnesses—can do to create a better world.

Watch the CNN video segment here.

State Department Webchat

While in Washington, DC, Neema, Stella, and Hummingbird participated in a global webchat hosted by the US State Department. Moderated by World Pulse founder Jensine Larsen and broadcast to embassies across the world, the correspondents spoke about how they used citizen journalism to affect change in their communities and in their own lives.

Watch the broadcast here.

Portland City Club

In World Pulse’s hometown, Neema, Stella, and Hummingbird addressed an audience of top political and business leaders. The event, hosted by the City Club of Portland, was also broadcast by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Listen to the audio recording here or watch the video.

Syria Needs a Resolution—the Huffington Post

As Syria spirals into deepening violence, Hummingbird has chosen to break the silence surrounding her country’s ongoing conflict. Here, she uses the pseudonym Aicha and speaks with Huffington Post editors about what it will take to find a peaceful resolution.

Watch the video.

La Voix de l'Amerique

Neema grew up in Eastern DRC, a region ravaged by an epidemic of sexual violence and war. Here she speaks with La Voix de l'Amérique (Voice of America) about her life and her experience using digital technology to mobilize women across DR Congo.

Listen to the interview, provided in French.

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Thank you WP for sharing this. Have been following the LIVE tour through constant updates from the three correspondents online.

Though it does feel a little sad to know that the tour has ended. But this end marks the beginning of another, right here on WP. Through the pictures posted by Stella,Neema and Hummingbird, i felt i was with them, undergoing this beautiful journey. I will be looking forward to more updates from them on WP about the tour and how or what they felt just minutes before giving a speech. Were they nervous or jittery before the start of an event ? also would love to know more about Portland city and the CNN interview.

Thank you again WP team for tirelessly working round the clock to bring us all the updates.

Much love to all,

Mukut Ray

I bet their unique voices has been clearly heard and understood by ALL, who were privileged to be part of the tour both directly and indirectly.

Neema, Hummingbird and Stella certainly did every member of the WP Family proud! Thanks to the threesome and everyone who contributed to making the tour a success.


I have just finished watching Hummingbird and Stella Paul on CNN via You TUbe. I have no adequate words to describe the experience; But I do know these are exceptionally extraordinary young women who are unrecgnized heroes and role models. May GOD OR Allah or the Universe take good care of them on earth. When they get to heaven I somehow know they already have a front row seat waiting for them.

God bless you both.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together.

Wendy Stebbins

Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Thinking about the name humming bird, I am reminded of kenyan heroine and Environmentalist, the late Professor Wangari Maathai. Hummingbird is the title of a small book for children that tells Wangari's story and her dream to reclaim the rivers the trees and the valleys she grew up knowing in her home village of Ihithe in Nyeri Kenya. Before her death in October last year, her work had became an avalanche of activities; an aggressive environmental conservation campaign that galvanized the entire world to reclaim and protect our environment. I pray that this campaign to end violence against women gains great momentum the world over, enough to stop those who abuse women and children in their tracks. I pray for peace at home; peace for mothers and their children at home and peace the world over.

Thank you Hummingbird and co. for carrying the torch for this noble cause.

Well done Comrades!




Integrating women (females) of the entire world into a single unit under the aegis of World Pulse for addressing global issues which includes women’s issues, for resolving them will go a long way for future generations to see and to live in a much better world than the current one – female empowerment is the key. Mr Sanjay Dixit, Mumbai, India

Sanjay R. Dixit